Episode 56: FREE: The Inside-Out Guide to Life, Unlimited with Clare Dimond

“There is only one truth in this book. The truth is that you are freedom. You are freedom itself. Unlimited, unbounded. Pure potential. Pure freedom. It is just sometimes you believe otherwise. That’s it. It is no more complicated than that. But oh my goodness how hard it can be sometimes to see that. How hard it can be to see that when it looks like we are being so firmly held back by a lack of money, qualifications, support and other resources and trapped by responsibilities, commitments and demands on our time and energy.”

Clare and I explore who we really are, our relationship to people and circumstances and our belief that we have free choice.

Where freedom lies and all the places it pretends to be.

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Clare’s book is available on Amazon here:

You can find her website here (and she writes beautiful blogs): https://claredimond.com/ 

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