The Key Insights That Changed Everything

This is a clip from a talk I gave with my colleague Dicken Bettinger at the Three Principles Conference on the topic of stress, anxiety and most importantly, peace of mind. Enjoy x   .

Business as Usual

So when will I........ start travelling go back to work be able to date again? When will I stop...... hiding inside being unable to go on holiday having panic attacks? Today we discuss the idea of 'business as usual'.    

Four Divided by Two

Why it can be so hard to explain to others what we've seen - and how what seems to complicated suddenly appears to be so simple. The difference between knowing and KNOWING....    

What about my….. physical symptoms

Physical symptoms are a consequence of living in a busy mind.  A signal from our body that our thinking is in overdrive.  All human beings do better when they have less on their minds, and how there is nothing to do but weather the storm.    

Pulling the rug out from under your feet

What it can feel like to bump into this understanding for the first time and why you can expect it to feel like the rug has been pulled from under your feet.    

How Long Will It Take?

One of the most often asked questions I get is...'So Nicola, how long will it take for me to change my relationship with anxiety?' Here's my answer....    

It’s not working!!!!

When my clients say to me 'It's not working!!!! What shall I do??? - here's my reply to them.  

Freak out Friday

  Why I ask my clients not to post in our Facebook Group about how anxious they feel.....because it's not actually helpful.    

The Worry Bucket

Do you feel like you worry constantly? Here's a fresh perspective for you.   .

Being Ordinary

This is what's showing up as new and fresh in my own understanding at the moment. Although I'm seeing it's been 'outing' itself in my actual way I'm finding myself being in life for a while now. Being ordinary. And the price that comes with trying to be anything but....

Do You Wear Your Busyness As A Badge of Honour?

I NEVER realised I was even doing that! Ring true for you? Here's the link to Joe's podcast episode I refer to on the video: And the second video I have for you today...

How Quickly Can We Drop A Thought?

It seems to me that a totally different direction is required to change our relationship with anxiety. Luckily, there is one and this video points to this alternative direction. So, have you got your head in a box? Or are you looking to the light? Remember, it's not...