Episode 57: Life Works Out with Judy Sedgeman

Today’s guest is Judy Sedgeman, one of the early pioneers of the Three Principles understanding.

She shares with us her experience of unexpectedly bumping into the work of Dr Bill Petit, meeting Syd Banks and how her journey through learning and teaching the Principles unfolded.

Judy has a huge range of experience sharing this with a diverse set of people and now her clients include people struggling with the worst of circumstances we could possiblly imagine.

We discuss how we can use the gift of thought to create suffering or joy and how life has a way of working out…..no matter what.

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You can find Judy’s website here: http://three-principles.com

And also a blog post she asked me to share with you all: http://three-principles.com/common/

Our podcast episode with Dr Bill Petit can also be found here: https://alittlepeaceofmind.co.uk/podcast/episode-15-never-broken-nothing-lacking/