I spend a huge amount of time each month creating free resources, all of which point to the fundamental understanding that changed everything for me.

Why? Because I want this to be accessible to anyone that wants it. All I ask is that if you find a resource here that you love, that you share it with one other person (or many people via your social media).

I don’t spend a whole heap on marketing so I rely on people like you to help me get this out there!

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The Introductory Audio

This 60 minute audio is the best place to start your journey with A Little Peace of Mind.

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The Podcast

With over 60 hour long episodes on a whole host of topics, plug in those earphones and get listening.

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The Blog

With videos and articles, you can read, watch and learn.


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Being slightly addicted to Facebook, here’s where you’ll find all my latest videos, podcasts, articles and more.

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You Tube

Want to binge-watch? No problem. Here’s where to do just that with videos on a whole range of topics.

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Books I Love

These aren’t free but here are just some of the wonderful books that have taught me so much on my own journey.

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If Instagram is more your style – click here for quotes, pretty pictures and updates.

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