Nicola Bird

What is really making you anxious?

What is Really Making you Anxious?

I’ve created this short series of Back to Basics videos to share with you the fundamentals of what I share with my clients in the work that I do. Here I share the basic premise of all our conversations – the fact that you’re not scared of what you think you are.  



If you’ve got teenagers who are struggling to find their way right now (or if that describes you), I hope you find today’s video helpful.  

The Grossest Metaphor

This is a clip from our recent Tuesday Talk on the topic of The Quiet Mind and is a description of how insight leads to quiet. Apologies in advance for the grossness of the metaphor!   For upcoming Tuesday Talks, please visit: – I promise you our explorations are usually far more beautiful in nature!  

Sharing the Principles

I’m often asked ‘how do I share what I’m learning with my clients/children/husband/colleagues?’ This week I wanted to share with you a different way to consider what it really means to share the Three Principles that lie behind all human experience and point to so much more than that.

The Value of Noticing

Imagine if we had everything we needed already built in? That there was nothing for us to ‘get’ because we already do? What if there was a simple flow of insights just waiting to be tapped into? What if it was simpler than we had been making it up to be?