Freedom from anxiety, panic attacks and stress

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Freedom from Anxiety

Are You limiting Your Life?

We all experience anxiety from time to time – we’re human beings after all.

But if those feelings of fear, anxiety and even panic are starting to restrict your freedom, please know you don’t have to live your life that way.

Imagine if you didn’t have to limit your life because of your fear.

Take a moment to think what it would be like if you didn’t have to control every element of your life in order to ‘manage’ the fear.

You’ll probably be experiencing some of the following….

  • Sweaty palms and a racing heart mean you avoid the places, people and things that seem to cause it
  • You’re angry at yourself because you lack the confidence to do the the things other people seem to do so effortlessly
  • You feel guilty as if you’re letting your husband/wife and kids down because of your fears
  • You’ve had at least one panic attack and you’ll do anything to make sure it doesn’t happen again

But most importantly…

You notice your world is a whole lot smaller than it was a year ago.

You may have noticed you’re also a control freak….


…but you may not have connected that with your anxiety.

After all your anxiety may take the form of panic attacks, going too far from home, worrying obsessively about your loved ones, being terrified of small spaces, or having sales conversations (amongst a whole range of possibilities).

What’s that got to do with your control freakery?

For years I justified making my world smaller and I thought my attempts to control my business success, my team and my family was relieving my anxiety.

Instead it was the fact that I thought I had to be in control that was at the very root of it.

Your control freakery is NOT helping you with your feelings of anxiety and panic, instead it can be the root of fear, stress, burnout and sleeplessness.

What’s more it, you can end up with you limiting your world to a fraction of it’s size in order that you can feel like you can control every part of it.

You’re not alone


of people in the Uk will experience mental health issues this year


of the UK population affected by anxiety at any time


more likely to be diagnosed with mental health issues if you are a woman


of people struggling with anxiety turn to alcohol to 'help'

Did you even realise you were doing that?


Imagine if you didn’t have to control every element of your life in order to ‘manage’ the anxiety that comes up if you don’t.

What could you do that you’re too anxious to do? Leave the house? Grow your business without being a scaredy-pants all the time? Change careers? Go for that promotion? Truly relax and/or do that adventurous stuff with your kids?

Imagine if you could stop doing all those things you feel like you need to do to ‘feel in control’ like staying close to home, having to know who will ‘rescue’ you if you dissove into a panic, obsessively checking you have your phone with you, ‘just in case’.

What opportunities could you love to say ‘yes’ to that you’re so used to saying ‘no’ to that you’ve forgotten ‘yes’ is even an option?

How would it feel to play full out and fearless?

Not to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ but to be truly fearless?

There is a way to experience the total freedom that comes when anxiety drops away and it’s simpler than you think.

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My name is Nicola Bird and I’m living proof that it’s possible


After 25 years studying psychology and 10 years coaching clients, I stumbled across this completely revolutionary way of resolving anxiety.

The work that I do with clients now is to share with them a simple understanding that transformed my life, melted away my anxiety and means I’m able to play the game of life in a much bigger way and ditch the control freak.

It doesn’t require you to ‘go outside your comfort zone’, it doesn’t require you to ‘face your fears’ No controlling your state of mind or strategies to ‘control’ your anxiety.

No relaxation and breathing techniques, no visualisations and monitoring your thoughts.

The result?


I’m free to travel where-ever I choose (my dog is loving the longer walks!), motorways, once impossible for me, no longer scare me, my migraines are a thing of the past and that underlying feeling of panic that was constantly at the back of my mind has completely disappeared.

Instead I experience a peace of mind.
 And best of all, my kids’ lives are no longer limited by my feelings of anxiety and I get to show up as a ‘normal’ mum with them.

Sound impossible? Yes, it did to me too, but I’m living proof that you don’t have to continue to live your life like a control freak in order to manage and cope with your anxiety.

That’s why I created A Little Peace of Mind.

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