Nicola Bird

Founder of A Little Peace of Mind

Over twenty years ago, at university, I started to experience anxiety and then panic attacks. I had no idea what started them off, all I knew was that I would suddenly find myself with a tight chest, sweaty palms and a racing heart for what seemed like no reason at all.

I have always pushed myself to be a massive over-achiever so I put it down to exam pressure as I studied for my Psychology Degree. I ended up being prescribed medication and needing my own examination room to get through the final exams.

But then they continued after I finished my studies. The gnawing sense of anxiety would vanish for months on end and then reappear when I was least expecting it.

I landed myself a corporate job but then after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US found myself unable to travel on trains or tubes. I was unable to get to work and often had to make up excuses and lies about why I couldn’t attend my Psychology Masters Degree lectures – they were in the centre of London and impossible for me to get to.

My world started to shrink in size.

Eventually, when I became pregnant with my first child, I found myself unable to even leave the house for weeks at a time. Not even to put the bins out at the end of the driveway.


I tried medication, seeing a psychiatrist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, various other well-known methods, NLP, time-line therapy and tapping. I studied more psychology, got into personal development and trained as a coach – I just wanted my anxiety to be gone.

Nothing worked. I’d find myself back to ‘normal’ for a while, and then I’d go through months of feeling panicky all the time.

I still kept pushing myself, started my own business so I could work from the safety of my own home and took it from zero to seven figures in just under four years before I finally burned out, fully consumed with agoraphobia and migraines.

Then, in 2013, I stumbled across a completely new way of understanding how human beings create their experience of anxiety and how to dissolve it almost effortlessly.

A completely revolutionary approach that I had never come across before in all my years of training.

I have spent the last six years travelling all around the world (yes me, the agoraphobic!)  studying with the pioneers in this field to gain a deeper understanding of this thing that had completely transformed my life in a matter of just a few weeks.

And now my life’s work is to share what I’ve learned that made such a huge difference to me and the lives of the people I love.

Qualifications: BSc Psycholgy, MSc Psychology, Master Transformative Coach, author of the book A Little Peace of Mind and personally now completely free from anxiety.


Tania Elfersy

In-house Little Peace of Mind Coach

Tanya Elfersy is our perimenopause and menopause specialist.

At the age of 43, Tania felt like she was falling apart. She was catching all the kiddie viruses her three young children were bringing home from school, and she was experiencing frequent migraines, eczema, skin outbreaks, hair loss, night sweats, severe mood swings…to name just a few of her symptoms.

Desperate to feel like her old self again, Tania tried acupuncture, Bach remedies, potions and supplements, healing, kinesiology and more.

Then one day, Tania heard about perimenopause – the up to ten-year period of change that occurs prior to menopause. Tania’s symptoms began to make sense just because they were so common among 40-something women. But as she researched more about midlife change, what didn’t make sense to Tania was that she should blame her symptoms on her hormones.

Tania’s knowledge about perimenopause and menopause deepened over the years as she became more determined to discover why a natural part of our life-cycle could cause such havoc among so many women. When Tania came across the principles of innate health, she was able to understand women’s experiences at midlife on a whole different level. Soon, all of Tania’s physical and emotional symptoms simply disappeared.

That was back in 2015. Since then, Tania has been sharing what she has seen about midlife women’s health with women worldwide.

Tania is a transformative coach. She is also the co-author of an award-winning book on motherhood and an upcoming book on perimenopause and menopause.

You can listen to Tania in our podcast here:

Nicola and Tanya both provide 1:1 coaching and the details of those packages can be found here.

In addition, we also have a small number of certified Little Peace of Mind Practitioners who have completed an intensive training program with Nicola and now support our Little Peace of Mind clients as independent coaches. Please find a short introduction to each of them below and contact them directly to find out more about their coaching arrangements and rates.

They all come highly recommended 🙂

Vicki Montague

A Little Peace of Mind Practitioner

Vicki recalls being a worrier from an early age. During her time at University it got worse and led to a racing heart and insomnia that were managed with medication.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other symptoms such as headaches, eczema and food intolerances followed.

She continued to live life fully but the self-doubt and worry that had plagued her life came back with vengeance.

There was nothing in her external life to cause anxiety or worry. She had created her own business, the Free From Fairy, and lived within the limits she had placed on herself in order to not become stressed and overwhelmed.

But something still felt wrong.

After many years of searching and studying (NLP and counselling) she finally came across the Three Principles.

Immediately she felt lighter, although she didn’t fully understand why for many months afterwards. Finally she realised that she no longer needed to take her thoughts seriously. Her life immediately became more peaceful

Since then she has trained with Nicola Bird and John El Mokadem to become a Three Principles Practitioner/coach. She works with children and adults who have restricted their lives, either physically or mentally, to reconnect them to their innate wisdom. This in turn allows people to live a life of freedom, love and peace.

To learn more about Vicki and her coaching, please click here:

Laura White

A Little Peace of Mind Practitioner

Laura experienced panic attacks and depression on and off for the last 15 years and as life has happened; infertility, losing jobs, numerous failed relationships, her symptoms worsened. 10 months ago, Laura found herself out of work and unable to leave the house as she was paralyzed with fear and anxiety.

That is when she came across A Little Peace Of Mind and the programs here and in her own words, is ‘amazed at how much my life has transformed!’

Laura finds herself living life fully with a successful job at LinkedIn, traveling to foreign countries, new friends and a new relationship all with the knowledge that even if these things had not happened, then she would still have peace of mind.

Laura works with clients that are stuck in their incessant thinking and believe life circumstances cause their anxiety. She offers hope by helping navigate through life much easier and she can point you to where clarity and peace of mind really resides. Laura can do that because she has been there too.
To find out more about working with Laura, please visit


Nikki Davison

A Little Peace of Mind Practitioner

Nikki came across this understanding over 2 years ago, probably in the same way moat of you did – via Nicola’s Facebook video. Nikki suffered from debilitating anxiety, panic attacks and health anxiety for 18 years. Her world became so small and her life so limiting.

At her worst she rarely left her bedroom, let alone the house, avoiding friends, social situations, and everything in the world looked scary to her. Nikki’s anxiety, and the stories she had created around it were front page news.

Fast forward to now and Nikki feels like she has the old ‘me’ back. She has found her light heartedness, rediscovered joy in her life, love in her family and friends and an ease in everything she does.

Nikki now knows how she had created her own suffering through the simple fact that she just didn’t know how humans work, how we all work and what creates our reality.

To Nikki, sharing this understanding with clients is the most beautiful thing. So simple and yet so magnificent.

Nikki spent years trying every solution and technique known to mankind in the hope that she might ‘fix’ herself, only to discover she was never broken.

To learn more Nikki and her work, please click here to learn more and contact her directly:

Julie Cluley

A Little Peace of Mind Practitioner

For most of her adult life Julie experienced the world as a very very busy place, full of things that “should” be done and “needed” to be done, usually with an underlying sense of urgency. 
As she reached her mid-thirties she was happily married with 2 gorgeous kids and a job she absolutely loved as a dog behaviour coach. 

To anyone who knew Julie then, they would think she had it all. However, for much of the time she was really struggling with feelings of being constantly busy, overwhelmed, and this ever present sense of urgency. It was awful and seemed to be getting progressively worse as she entered into peri-menopause. 

Julie would love to help you put the joy, fun and laughter back in your life.
Have you ever noticed how dogs live for now and never let anything get them down for long? This is what is on offer for all of us.  Exploring this understanding, perhaps with your dog to guide you, is truly the most magical of journeys. Julie is here to help you to live your life exactly the way you want to.

Julie tried everything from a variety of different supplements, improved diet, more exercise, a million different self help books and counselling sessions. All of these did help to some degree, but she still seemed to be on a downward spiral until she realised there was literally no joy left in her life. Julie was thinner, fitter and had pretty much everything she had ever aimed for, but still felt awful. Then the guilt kicked in; how could she have all those things and still be so miserable? She started to suffer from insomnia, panic attacks, paranoia that her friends no longer liked her, feelings that she was an awful mum, arguing with her husband and even the job she loved so much had started to become a chore.

Julie couldn’t understand what was ‘wrong’ with her and genuinely thought she was going mad.

In September 2018 she bumped into the ALPOM website and the 3 principles.  Julie’s experience of life changed almost overnight. She now lives life from a much calmer, relaxed and joyful place. The best thing for Julie is that nothing actually changed. She still has the same lovely husband, same gorgeous kids and the same amazing job helping clients improve their relationship with their dogs.

To find out more about working with Julie – please visit


Kathryn Bonney

A Little Peace of Mind Practitioner

Three years ago, Kathryn was done.

The baby that was supposed to magically fix it did not actually make her life better.

Her family was on the verge of bankruptcy for a second time, and the move halfway across the country away from friends and family had only made things worse.


The MidWest of these United States was no place for this California girl.

She had already called the divorce attorney and was ready to file paperwork. Certain that single parenting was the next chapter of the drama called her life.

The problem, as best she could tell, was her.

And there was not anything she could to make it any better.

No matter what small glimpses of hope she had over the years, nothing ever really changed.

Not for a lack of trying- if there was an answer, she had done her best to find it.

Personal (CBT) therapy, EFT, NLP, group therapy, self help workshops, amanae, hypnosis, Feng Shui, jnana yoga, psychic readings, vipassana meditation, Buddhism, Maori healers, Imago therapy, oils, personal development training, A Course In Miracles, and basically every self help book ever published by Hay House- all directions she looked.

Every cure, fix, technique, tool, or explanation was explored, desperate in her efforts to make it okay.

Finally she decided that if her life was destined to be unhappy, if this was as good as it was going to get, then she might as well do it on her own. Being married was certainly not helping.

Motherhood had taken her lifelong semi-manageable anxiety and pushed her over the edge.

Isolated and depressed, the illusion of holding it together fell apart without friends and family to cover for her.

She struggled with the basic care of her children, drowning in her own mind, adrift in the negativity and helplessness.

Then, by sheer chance, she came across the understanding and a conversation about how life really works.

A weekend intensive pointed her in a new direction, with clarity and simplicity she had never felt before.

The insight simple- you are not broken.

Truth landed so completely that the impact was felt in every area.

Life started to change- the picture slowly improving.

Diving deep into the conversation, Kathryn spent 18 months studying with Michael Neill- seeing how to create the impossible and explore even more. The opportunity to train with Nicola Bird and join ALPOM a natural transition when coaching others became the next step in the journey.

The last twelve months have been the best year of Kathryn’s life. Sharing her grounding as a coach. Getting present to her three children and completely falling in love. Seeing her husband of 16 years transform before her very eyes (spoilers: it was never him). And having insights about her own experience of life. Getting off the sidelines and playing the game full out.


That was the word Kathryn’s husband uses to describe the changes he has seen in the last three years.


How Kathryn describes it for herself.

The feeling of life has changed, the freedom to simply experience what is and enjoy the present moment is what she shares in her coaching. Getting curious and listening deeply is how she shows up. A mirror to see yourself clearly the offer.

Kathryn can be reached at


Maryse Godet Copans

Community Manager

Maryse Godet Copans is one of our Community Managers in our private client Facebook Group.

Maryse’s first encounter with anxiety dates back to her college years. The experience was intense but short lived, as a move from Belgium (where she was born and raised) to the UK upon graduation seemed to resolve the issue.


In 2003 symptoms returned with a vengeance:  lightheadedness, trouble sleeping, hyper sensitivity to noise, dizziness. Now in New York with two young children in tow, Maryse started her quest for an anxiety free life, but in 2006 a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury made this goal appear unreachable.

Therapy, yoga, biofeedback, JinShinDo, Emotional Freedom Technique, Somatic experiencing, acupuncture, self-help and spiritual books and programs, you name it, she tried it. And it helped. She coped most of the time while her life revolved around avoiding those uncomfortable feelings. No more trips to Europe to visit family. No noisy restaurants. No toxic people.

Until April 2017 when she heard bestselling author and 3P teacher Michael Neill say the words that would change her life: “We live in the feeling of our thinking.”

New questions came to mind: could this be true? Could it be that the outside world isn’t a trigger? Could it be that we all have innate mental health?

Two months later Maryse joined the “A Little Peace of Mind” 12 week program and watched in amazement as her life started opening up again. Coping mechanisms and tools were forgotten while she started living life fully, travelling to see her family in Brussels twice in 6 months and enjoying every minute of it.

She is a certified Transformative Coach and now shares, in a professional capacity, the understanding that has transformed her life.

You can listen to Maryse share her story in our podcast here:

James Abbot

Community Manager

James moved to a new house in 2016 where he spent a year battling with noise anxiety from the sound of traffic outside his new house.
He would dread going home and would do anything to get out of there as often as he could, from walking the dog as soon as he got up to just getting in the car and driving anywhere he could make up an excuse to travel to.

Every day James was tormented by what he saw as constant noise. He could only spend time in two of the rooms in his house. He hardly slept.

James went through CBT counselling then medication and then face-the-fear techniques to overcome his anxiety. None of these lasted.

James joined a Little Peace of Mind’s 12 week programme in 2017 following an insight he had during an introductory webinar.

Gemma Lynn

Community Manager

Gemma is one of our community managers in our private clients Facebook group.
After suffering with anxiety since childhood and agoraphobia to varying degrees for around 10 years, Gemma had tried all types of therapy in the past to rid herself of this suffering. Some of it had worked temporarily but nothing really stuck.

She first discovered ALPOM in 2017 after seeing an advert for a free webinar called ‘Ditch the Control Freak’. What was said in that webinar resonated so much that she joined our 12 week program straight away. 
Coming to the program with fears about travel, relationships and starting a family and wanting the anxiety to be gone, she found that her thoughts about why those things were a problem completely changed.  She’s now found new joy and peace in being single, without children and enjoying everything about life the way it is. 
Gemma lives with her cat and two dogs and runs her own dog walking and home boarding business along with being a certified A Little Peace of Mind Mentor.
You can listen to Gemma tell her story in our podcast here: 

Anna Baldock

Community Manager

Anna experienced panic attacks and anxiety in her 20’s and started to have trouble sleeping. The anxiety and insomnia would come and go, managed by medication and avoiding certain situations and activities, but in 2011, after the birth of her daughter, both came back with a vengeance. She stopped sleeping altogether and was treated by her doctor for Post Natal Depression and chronic insomnia. She was prescribed anti depressants and sleep medication and began the long search for a cure for her insomnia. After managing her sleeplessness for years with medication, bedtime routines and rules, counselling, CBT, hypnosis, herbs, meditation and avoiding a never ending list of activities that might interfere with her ability to sleep, she stopped sleeping again in March 2019. After a week of no sleep, she was eventually taken to hospital by her husband. Unable to cope with life, she ended up living at her parents house away from her family too anxious to sleep, eat or hold a conversation.

Out of the blue she was recommended a book called ‘The Inside Out Revolution’ by Michael Neill and then stumbled across Alpom through a video of Nicola she saw on her Facebook feed. She signed up for the 12 week program and after years of struggling to fix herself she began to gradually gain insights into how life worked and who she really was. The rules and routines that had been in place for years to control her sleep gradually began to fall away and her belief that she was somehow broken was replaced with a knowing that she was not and never could be. She is now medication free and enjoying the excitement and freedom of living a full life, no longer limited and controlled by the fear and anxiety of not sleeping. She lives happily in London with her husband and daughter, is back in her job teaching primary children and is finally fulfilling her lifelong dream to take classes in ceramics.

Terri Homyard

Customer Support

After struggling with anxiety and a severe sickness phobia on and off for 23 years, Terri wishes that she had come across Nicola sooner.  Since working as part of the ALPOM support team and being introduced to the 3 Principles via Nicola – it feels like the final part of the puzzle fell into place for her.  She now feels that she has the tools that she needs to navigate her day to day life and is enjoying her new freedom.

When Terri is not working, she loves to spend time with the people that she loves – her husband, her three terrific children, her mum and her friends.  If you ask her where her happy place is – it’s either sunbathing by a pool or at the cinema. 

Education is extremely important to Terri and she believes we should never stop learning.

Sam Trim

Customer Support

Sam is part of the ALPOM support team and has been ‘around’ the 3 Principles since 2013, however, never really paid attention to how it could really help until a few years later.

As a wife and a mother of three, the Principles have helped Sam to be more understanding, to take a step back during times when her mind is busy and struggling to focus, and to trust that when she is presented with something, that she will know what she needs to do in that moment.

Sam  loves to spend time with her husband, three children and a glass of pinot noir!

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