Hi, my name is Nicola Bird.

Over twenty years ago, at university, I started to experience anxiety and then panic attacks. I had no idea what started them off, all I knew was that I would suddenly find myself with a tight chest, sweaty palms and a racing heart for what seemed like no reason at all.

I have always pushed myself to be a massive over-achiever so I put it down to exam pressure as I studied for my Psychology Degree. I ended up being prescribed medication and needing my own examination room to get through the final exams.

But then they continued after I finished my studies. The gnawing sense of anxiety would vanish for months on end and then reappear when I was least expecting it.

I landed myself a corporate job but then after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US found myself unable to travel on trains or tubes. I was unable to get to work and often had to make up excuses and lies about why I couldn’t attend my Psychology Masters Degree lectures – they were in the centre of London and impossible for me to get to.

My world started to shrink in size.

Eventually, when I became pregnant with my first child, I found myself unable to even leave the house for weeks at a time. Not even to put the bins out at the end of the driveway.


I tried medication, seeing a psychiatrist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, various other well-known methods, NLP, time-line therapy and tapping. I studied more psychology, got into personal development and trained as a coach – I just wanted my anxiety to be gone.

Nothing worked. I’d find myself back to ‘normal’ for a while, and then I’d go through months of feeling panicky all the time.

I still kept pushing myself, started my own business so I could work from the safety of my own home and took it from zero to seven figures in just under four years before I finally burned out, fully consumed with agoraphobia and migraines.

Then, in 2013, I stumbled across a completely new way of understanding how human beings create their experience of anxiety and how to dissolve it almost effortlessly.

A completely revolutionary approach that I had never come across before in all my years of training.

I have spent the last six years travelling all around the world (yes me, the agoraphobic!)  studying with the pioneers in this field to gain a deeper understanding of this thing that had completely transformed my life in a matter of just a few weeks.

And now my life’s work is to share what I’ve learned that made such a huge difference to me and the lives of the people I love.

Qualifications: BSc Psycholgy, MSc Psychology, Master Transformative Coach, author of the book A Little Peace of Mind and personally now completely free from anxiety.



Tania Elfersy is our perimenopause and menopause specialist.

At the age of 43, Tania felt like she was falling apart. She was catching all the kiddie viruses her three young children were bringing home from school, and she was experiencing frequent migraines, eczema, skin outbreaks, hair loss, night sweats, severe mood swings…to name just a few of her symptoms.

Desperate to feel like her old self again, Tania tried acupuncture, Bach remedies, potions and supplements, healing, kinesiology and more.

Then one day, Tania heard about perimenopause – the up to ten-year period of change that occurs prior to menopause. Tania’s symptoms began to make sense just because they were so common among 40-something women. But as she researched more about midlife change, what didn’t make sense to Tania was that she should blame her symptoms on her hormones.

Tania’s knowledge about perimenopause and menopause deepened over the years as she became more determined to discover why a natural part of our life-cycle could cause such havoc among so many women. When Tania came across the principles of innate health, she was able to understand women’s experiences at midlife on a whole different level. Soon, all of Tania’s physical and emotional symptoms simply disappeared.

That was back in 2015. Since then, Tania has been sharing what she has seen about midlife women’s health with women worldwide.

Tania is a transformative coach. She is also the co-author of an award-winning book on motherhood and an upcoming book on perimenopause and menopause.

You can listen to Tania in our podcast here:

Maryse Godet Copans is one of our Community Managers in our private client Facebook Group.

Maryse’s first encounter with anxiety dates back to her college years. The experience was intense but short lived, as a move from Belgium (where she was born and raised) to the UK upon graduation seemed to resolve the issue.

In 2003 symptoms returned with a vengeance:  lightheadedness, trouble sleeping, hyper sensitivity to noise, dizziness. Now in New York with two young children in tow, Maryse started her quest for an anxiety free life, but in 2006 a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury made this goal appear unreachable.

Therapy, yoga, biofeedback, JinShinDo, Emotional Freedom Technique, Somatic experiencing, acupuncture, self-help and spiritual books and programs, you name it, she tried it. And it helped. She coped most of the time while her life revolved around avoiding those uncomfortable feelings. No more trips to Europe to visit family. No noisy restaurants. No toxic people.

Until April 2017 when she heard bestselling author and 3P teacher Michael Neill say the words that would change her life: “We live in the feeling of our thinking.”

New questions came to mind: could this be true? Could it be that the outside world isn’t a trigger? Could it be that we all have innate mental health?

Two months later Maryse joined the “A Little Peace of Mind” 12 week program and watched in amazement as her life started opening up again. Coping mechanisms and tools were forgotten while she started living life fully, travelling to see her family in Brussels twice in 6 months and enjoying every minute of it.

She is a certified Transformative Coach and now shares, in a professional capacity, the understanding that has transformed her life.

You can listen to Maryse share her story in our podcast here:

James Abbott is also one of the Community Managers in our Private Client Facebook group.

 He moved to a new house in 2016 where he spent a year battling with noise anxiety from the sound of traffic outside his new house.
He would dread going home and would do anything to get out of there as often as he could, from walking the dog as soon as he got up to just getting in the car and driving anywhere he could make up an excuse to travel to.

Every day James was tormented by what he saw as constant noise. He could only spend time in two of the rooms in his house. He hardly slept.

James went through CBT counselling then medication and then face-the-fear techniques to overcome his anxiety. None of these lasted.

James joined a Little Peace of Mind’s 12 week programme in 2017 following an insight he had during an introductory webinar.

He then very quickly shifted from panic-stricken to being completely comfortable at home. He still lives in the same house today with his wife (they’ve even remortgaged for another 2 years!)

He now sleeps through just about anything….

James’s sense of fun, creativity and humour is brought to life within the Private Client group as he shares his own insights and helps people get back to being them.

James has now starting his own coach training to help others experience what freed him from anxiety.

You can listen to James share his story in our podcast here:

Julie is our Little Peace of Mind for Kids coach.

While growing up she struggled with body image and confidence issues and yet always had a smile on her face.

The mask that hid a thousand feelings.

Yet even through some very difficult times there was something always pushing her forward, never letting her give up.

She isolated herself and only had a couple of close friends, friends to this day she is still close to. 

She used to always worry about what others thought of her, having many internal conversations with herself. Yet still she kept pushing herself forward. 

She has two children, both girls one aged 30 and one aged 9, and a grandson aged 9 also. Her youngest keeps her young while wearing her out at times and her oldest often reminds her of her age!

She has attended a wide variety of professional trainings over the last 15 years and it was during one of her trainings she stumble across the understanding that just let so many of her life experiences fall into place.

The innate health we all have, something on one level she had always known and helped others see was actually  a fundamental part in the understanding she was learning more about.

She knew this was simply true, and also knew she was going to share what she was learning at a deeper level, to help children navigate through their lives much easier. She became certified to share and coach children based on the same Three Principles understanding that all our work is here at A Little Peace of Mind, and very quickly was creating and running programs in schools as well as with individual children and their parents.

Julie is also a huge pet lover and currently has a pug and two French bulldogs and is also rather keen on chocolate (something her personal trainer is not as keen on!). Find more details of our Little Peace of Mind for Kids coaching here.

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