Today’s guest is our Little Peace of Mind Kid’s Coach, Julie Brown.

Julie specialises in supporting all those under the age of 18 through our  1:1 Coaching Programs.

Given it’s the summer holidays (as least in this hemisphere), I thought you might enjoy a fresh perspective on what to do about those little people creating chaos/refusing to get up/worrying about moving up a school year/getting up to all sorts they shouldn’t this week!

We talk about the three things that are the game-changers in parenting or being a teacher, and the things every child should know that make a huge difference to how they show up in the world.

We have laughter, we have insights and exploration and even interruptions from 9 year olds – just so you can see that we live what we teach!.

Listen below or click here to listen on iTunes or here to listen on Stitcher.



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