Episode 79: I’m Not Cancelling Anything Any More With Alan

Alan spent his career as a chef in a number of top restaurants all around the world – working and partying hard.

However underneath it all he experienced panic attacks and anxiety, along with a whole host of other physical symptoms from tension headaches to insomnia to morning dread.

All of this left him unable to work and unable to travel.

In today’s podcast we talk about how that has changed for him in the past three months and what he has seen on his own journey that has been helpful.

You’ll hear Alan talk about

  • a way to listen to what you’re learning in a way that allows you to be impacted
  • a fresh perspective on the ‘I’m not getting’ it thing
  • how we can get more comfortable being uncomfortable
  • where to look for solutions to physical solutions
  • whether, in fact. we’re the lucky ones


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