Episode 52: Weight, Food and Body Confidence – with Jess Heading

It’s HOT here in the UK at the moment and with the shedding of clothes comes the familiar insecurities that can arise about how we look, what we’re eating and why the hell we don’t just go to the g ym more???!!!

And for some, issues around weight and food feel more serious than just a superficial concern with how we look and are impacting directly on our health and mental wellbeing.

Today’s guest, Jess Heading, works with women who have lost confidence in their own wisdom around food and health. Today she shares her own experience of 10 years of eating disorders into now having a completely different relationship with food and body size and confidence.

(And some of my own personal insecurities because yes, I am as human as the next person and this is a ‘sticky’ topic for me!)

What I also want you to notice is my tendency during this interview to look towards to the world of form – you can hear I still think how we feel has something to do with how much (or not) we exercise and how we dress. You’ll hear my mental cogs going ‘Oh…OK, I see what to DO differently now’. You’ll hear me looking for the prescription and you’ll hear me continually steer the conversation away from talking about who and what we are before any of this form stuff kicks in. What you’ll hear, in short, and in all honesty, is an interviewer who has pretty much zero grounding herself in this area.

Why would I ‘out’ myself like this? Because I want you to see that is this what we ALLLLL do when our understanding is shaky. When it looks like anything other than thought in the moment can create our experience. And me, every bit as much as you. The good thing is, I guess, at least I know these days when I’m off! Jess sees way more than I do in this area. So it’s a good thing she does most of the talking 🙂

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You can connect with Jess over here: http://jessheading.com/

In addition, we referred to last week’s podcast with Gemma that you can find here, along with a whole host more: https://alittlepeaceofmind.co.uk/podcast/