Episode 31: Why We All Self-Harm – with Jacquie Forde

This week’s podcast has a slightly controversial title but Jacquie’s passion is to help people become more human and in this episode we explore what it is that makes us all the same.

Here’s who this episode is designed for:

  1. People who self-harm – that might include cutting, pulling out your hair, eating disorders, drinking too much wine, over-eating etc etc. You see? We’re all the same.
  2. People who love people who self-harm – what can we do when those we love are clearly indulging in unhealthy behaviours
  3. People who listen to all the Little Peace of Mind podcasts because they just know there’s something new to learn in each one, whoever you are and whatever you’re up to

So, just about everyone then 🙂

Enjoy and please share your comments with us below.

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You can find Jacquie’s website here: http://www.jacquieforde.com/