Episode 1: A Fresh Look at Anxiety

I’m often asked questions such as:

  • ‘What about health anxiety?’
  • ‘What about the stress of being in business?’
  • ‘What about PTSD?’
  • ‘Does this work for nurses?’
  • ‘Does this apply to my situation?’

Well the answer is yes. What I’m pointing to in this blog and in this podcast (and in fact in all the work I do) applies no matter how your anxiety or stress show up.

I wanted to create a resource full of stories of change to inspire you.

Real people, with real struggles, seeing something new that transforms their relationship with anxiety.

To give you hope, to show you what’s possible.

In today’s episode I cover:

=> Three things you probably think cause anxiety that actually don’t

=> My own personal journey through anxiety – a story to bring you hope about what’s possible for you

=> Probably the most controversial thing you’ve ever heard about stress and anxiety​​​​​​​

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Anyway, enough said – here’s the first episode – an introduction if you like – A Fresh Look at Anxiety.