The Platinum Program

If your current levels of anxiety are limiting your life and you would like to work with me personally, then I’d like to invite you to consider working with me as a private coaching client.

Not dealing with your anxiety is costing you.

It might be costing you in terms of that business opportunity you’d love to go to but you’re scared of becoming overwhelmed.

It might be costing you financially as you’re unable to work at all.

It might be costing you your indpendence because you have to rely on other people to take you when you want to go out.

It might be impacting on your children who sense your fear and it’s starting to rub off on them.

I know because I experienced all of these things.

Which is why I’m ideally placed to help you transform all of these experiences.

The Platinum Program is the most intimate personal way of working with me.

We’ll work together for 12 weeks as you receive access to a customised set of videos and program materials and six ninety-minute private coaching calls with me.

At the end of that period our aim will be to discharge you to go live your life free from your struggles with anxiety and with true peace of mind.

Here’s what you can expect as a result of working together with me in this way.





a sense of relief

as you realise that you don’t have to ‘control’ your anxiety in order to be OK


ditch the control freak

as you start to drop all the ‘rules’ of what has to happen so that you don’t risk freaking out and embarrasing yourself

increased freedom

to choose what you want to do with your life without having to take your anxiety into account



complete confidentiality

 as you share what’s going on with someone who gets just where you’re at and knows there’s a way through

better relationships

as you start to see that other people are not, despite what you might think, causing you stress



simply put...

freedom and peace of mind

I only work with a maximum of six of clients in this way and the investment is £1,950.

(Payments can be spread over 3 months by arrangement)

If you’d like to have a conversation to see if we’d be a good fit for each other, please just book into my diary below.