Private Coaching

If your current levels of anxiety are limiting your life and you would like to work with a coach personally, then I’d like to invite you to consider working with me, or one of my coaches, as a private coaching client.

Not dealing with your anxiety is costing you.

It might be costing you in terms of that business opportunity you’d love to go to but you’re scared of becoming overwhelmed.

It might be costing you financially as you’re unable to work at all.

It might be costing you your independence because you have to rely on other people to take you when you want to go out or you’re unable to travel.

It might be impacting on your children who sense your fear and it’s starting to rub off on them.

I know because I experienced all of these things.

Which is why I’m ideally placed to help you transform all of these experiences.

The Platinum Program is the most intimate personal way of working with me or one of my coaches.


“If you’d have asked me a month ago that I would be where I am now, I’d never have believed you. That I consider myself to be innately healthy, perfect, not broken or lacking is truly amazing. 

Just over three years ago I admitted myself into a mental health facility and thought that I would be lost forever.  Just over 12 months ago I was in such deep depression that I was suicidal.  But now thanks to you and the three principles all that has changed.

I have never resonated with anything like I have with this.  I really mean it when I say that I think that you have created a brilliant program, it is accessible to people on many levels and budgets and can be applied across so many disciplines, not just anxiety.

You have made me rethink who I am.  I know I cannot change in essence, underneath…..but I still have to say that who I am externally, how I am in the world,  with my patients and my loved ones is not the same. I’m more confident, compassionate, calm and content.”


– Here’s what’s on offer –

a sense of relief

as you realise that you don’t have to ‘control’ your anxiety in order to be OK


ditch the control freak

as you start to drop all the ‘rules’ of what has to happen so that you don’t risk freaking out and embarrasing yourself

increased freedom

to choose what you want to do with your life without having to be ruled by fear


complete confidentiality

 as you share what’s going on with someone who gets just where you’re at and knows there’s a way through

better relationships

as you start to see that other people are not, despite what you might think, causing you stress



simply put...

freedom and peace of mind

– How Does it Work? –

The program includes eight private coaching calls with myself or my coach, Tania Elfersy to explore the mental health and peace of mind that currently looks hidden to you – we’ll get that out in the open and we’ll show you how to live from a quiet mind more of the time.

You’ll also receive access to my online program and hand-picked customised videos and program materials to support your learning between each of the calls.

“Just wanted to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to say how much I have not only enjoyed the past few days but also to explain how much I have got out of it.

The world appears to be really different today.

When I stumbled across your work I knew it was the right path for me however I wasn’t sure just how much it would resonate (when you are a busy thinker with anxiety you think nothing will) however the past three days have opened up a whole new world of calm to me. 

My mind feels quiet – I have a complete understanding of how “things” work and even if my thinking gets screwed again I know I will recognise it and my mind will feel quiet again.   I can’t even explain it really but what I do know is that I feel lighter, brighter and more here. I drove home on the motorway with no negative feelings or thoughts.  I feel liberated and free for the first time in a long time. 

Feel so tired and relaxed I can’t keep my eyes open but a lovely tired like nothing is on me… xxx”


– How Do I Start? – 


Step One

Choose your coach – you can choose between Nicola and Tania – details are below.


Step Two

Book a 30 minute call – have a conversation to find out if you’re a fit for the private coaching program with your coach

Step Three

Start coaching! Simple as that – you’re on your way to freedom from anxiety 🙂


 – Your Coaches – 


Nicola Bird

Nicola Bird is the founder of A Little Peace of Mind and the author of the book of the same name. She has a small number of places available to work with clients privately who feel their lives are limited by anxiety and worry and you can listen to how she found freedom from anxiety in this audio here.

Please note, Nicola is only available for coaching sessions between 9am and 12pm UK times.

Your investment: £2,500 for 8 x 60 minute sessions


Tania Elfersy

Tania Elfersy is a Little Peace of Mind Coach and as well as supporting clients with anxiety and stress, she specialises particularly in symptoms often associated with peri-menopause and menopause. You can read more about her here and listen to a podcast episode with her here.

Your investment: £997 for 8 x 60 minute sessions.


Certified Little Peace of Mind Practitioners



In addition to the private coaching programs run by myself and Tania, below you’ll also find the details of four wonderful coaches, all of whom have travelled through their own personal journey with anxiety and have found peace of mind as a result of the understanding we share here at A Little Peace of Mind.

They have all personally trained with me and graduated as Certified Little Peace of Mind Practitioners and with heaps of practical coaching experience, I would like to invite you to watch their videos and visit their websites for their coaching packages if you resonate with their stories.

Vicki Montague

A Little Peace of Mind Practitioner

Vicki recalls being a worrier from an early age. During her time at University it got worse and led to a racing heart and insomnia that were managed with medication.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other symptoms such as headaches, eczema and food intolerances followed.

She continued to live life fully but the self-doubt and worry that had plagued her life came back with vengeance.

There was nothing in her external life to cause anxiety or worry. She had created her own business, the Free From Fairy, and lived within the limits she had placed on herself in order to not become stressed and overwhelmed.

But something still felt wrong.

After many years of searching and studying (NLP and counselling) she finally came across the Three Principles.

Immediately she felt lighter, although she didn’t fully understand why for many months afterwards. Finally she realised that she no longer needed to take her thoughts seriously. Her life immediately became more peaceful

Since then she has trained with Nicola Bird and John El Mokadem to become a Three Principles Practitioner/coach. She works with children and adults who have restricted their lives, either physically or mentally, to reconnect them to their innate wisdom. This in turn allows people to live a life of freedom, love and peace.

To learn more about Vicki and her coaching, please click here:

Laura White

A Little Peace of Mind Practitioner

Laura experienced panic attacks and depression on and off for the last 15 years and as life has happened; infertility, losing jobs, numerous failed relationships, her symptoms worsened. 10 months ago, Laura found herself out of work and unable to leave the house as she was paralyzed with fear and anxiety.

That is when she came across A Little Peace Of Mind and the programs here and in her own words, is ‘amazed at how much my life has transformed!’

Laura finds herself living life fully with a successful job at LinkedIn, traveling to foreign countries, new friends and a new relationship all with the knowledge that even if these things had not happened, then she would still have peace of mind.

Laura works with clients that are stuck in their incessant thinking and believe life circumstances cause their anxiety. She offers hope by helping navigate through life much easier and she can point you to where clarity and peace of mind really resides. Laura can do that because she has been there too.
To find out more about working with Laura, please visit


Nikki Davison

A Little Peace of Mind Practitioner

Nikki came across this understanding over 2 years ago, probably in the same way moat of you did – via Nicola’s Facebook video. Nikki suffered from debilitating anxiety, panic attacks and health anxiety for 18 years. Her world became so small and her life so limiting.

At her worst she rarely left her bedroom, let alone the house, avoiding friends, social situations, and everything in the world looked scary to her. Nikki’s anxiety, and the stories she had created around it were front page news.

Fast forward to now and Nikki feels like she has the old ‘me’ back. She has found her light heartedness, rediscovered joy in her life, love in her family and friends and an ease in everything she does.

Nikki now knows how she had created her own suffering through the simple fact that she just didn’t know how humans work, how we all work and what creates our reality.

To Nikki, sharing this understanding with clients is the most beautiful thing. So simple and yet so magnificent.

Nikki spent years trying every solution and technique known to mankind in the hope that she might ‘fix’ herself, only to discover she was never broken.

To learn more Nikki and her work, please click here to learn more and contact her directly:

Julie Cluley

A Little Peace of Mind Practitioner

For most of her adult life Julie experienced the world as a very very busy place, full of things that “should” be done and “needed” to be done, usually with an underlying sense of urgency. 
As she reached her mid-thirties she was happily married with 2 gorgeous kids and a job she absolutely loved as a dog behaviour coach. 

To anyone who knew Julie then, they would think she had it all. However, for much of the time she was really struggling with feelings of being constantly busy, overwhelmed, and this ever present sense of urgency. It was awful and seemed to be getting progressively worse as she entered into peri-menopause. 

Julie would love to help you put the joy, fun and laughter back in your life.
Have you ever noticed how dogs live for now and never let anything get them down for long? This is what is on offer for all of us.  Exploring this understanding, perhaps with your dog to guide you, is truly the most magical of journeys. Julie is here to help you to live your life exactly the way you want to.

Julie tried everything from a variety of different supplements, improved diet, more exercise, a million different self help books and counselling sessions. All of these did help to some degree, but she still seemed to be on a downward spiral until she realised there was literally no joy left in her life. Julie was thinner, fitter and had pretty much everything she had ever aimed for, but still felt awful. Then the guilt kicked in; how could she have all those things and still be so miserable? She started to suffer from insomnia, panic attacks, paranoia that her friends no longer liked her, feelings that she was an awful mum, arguing with her husband and even the job she loved so much had started to become a chore.

Julie couldn’t understand what was ‘wrong’ with her and genuinely thought she was going mad.

In September 2018 she bumped into the ALPOM website and the 3 principles.  Julie’s experience of life changed almost overnight. She now lives life from a much calmer, relaxed and joyful place. The best thing for Julie is that nothing actually changed. She still has the same lovely husband, same gorgeous kids and the same amazing job helping clients improve their relationship with their dogs.

To find out more about working with Julie – please visit


Kathryn Bonney

A Little Peace of Mind Practitioner

Three years ago, Kathryn was done.

The baby that was supposed to magically fix it did not actually make her life better.

Her family was on the verge of bankruptcy for a second time, and the move halfway across the country away from friends and family had only made things worse.

The MidWest of these United States was no place for this California girl.

She had already called the divorce attorney and was ready to file paperwork. Certain that single parenting was the next chapter of the drama called her life.

The problem, as best she could tell, was her.

And there was not anything she could to make it any better.

No matter what small glimpses of hope she had over the years, nothing ever really changed.

Not for a lack of trying- if there was an answer, she had done her best to find it.

Personal (CBT) therapy, EFT, NLP, group therapy, self help workshops, amanae, hypnosis, Feng Shui, jnana yoga, psychic readings, vipassana meditation, Buddhism, Maori healers, Imago therapy, oils, personal development training, A Course In Miracles, and basically every self help book ever published by Hay House- all directions she looked.

Every cure, fix, technique, tool, or explanation was explored, desperate in her efforts to make it okay.

Finally she decided that if her life was destined to be unhappy, if this was as good as it was going to get, then she might as well do it on her own. Being married was certainly not helping.

Motherhood had taken her lifelong semi-manageable anxiety and pushed her over the edge.

Isolated and depressed, the illusion of holding it together fell apart without friends and family to cover for her.

She struggled with the basic care of her children, drowning in her own mind, adrift in the negativity and helplessness.

Then, by sheer chance, she came across the understanding and a conversation about how life really works.

A weekend intensive pointed her in a new direction, with clarity and simplicity she had never felt before.

The insight simple- you are not broken.

Truth landed so completely that the impact was felt in every area.

Life started to change- the picture slowly improving.

Diving deep into the conversation, Kathryn spent 18 months studying with Michael Neill- seeing how to create the impossible and explore even more. The opportunity to train with Nicola Bird and join ALPOM a natural transition when coaching others became the next step in the journey.

The last twelve months have been the best year of Kathryn’s life. Sharing her grounding as a coach. Getting present to her three children and completely falling in love. Seeing her husband of 16 years transform before her very eyes (spoilers: it was never him). And having insights about her own experience of life. Getting off the sidelines and playing the game full out.


That was the word Kathryn’s husband uses to describe the changes he has seen in the last three years.


How Kathryn describes it for herself.

The feeling of life has changed, the freedom to simply experience what is and enjoy the present moment is what she shares in her coaching. Getting curious and listening deeply is how she shows up. A mirror to see yourself clearly the offer.

Kathryn can be reached at


Want to hear stories from other Platinum Clients?


“I discovered the Little Peace of Mind program just over twelve months ago when my ‘pressure cooker’ life of running a successful, demanding business, raising children, trying to be the perfect wife, daughter and friend, had slowly started to break me.  I was a control freak and perfectionist by nature and my efforts to keep all the plates spinning was increasingly leading to anxiety, insomnia, health anxiety, headaches and mood swings.

Eventually I saw what was happening and in my typical ‘right let’s fix this’ attitude I set out to try and discover which parts of me were broken and what I would need to learn to get back to normal. I tried so many avenues, hypnotherapy, NLP, Affirmations, Psychotherapy, Meditation and pretty much all the self-help books out there and almost all of them had an effect, but they were all temporary, as soon as my thoughts got out of control again, the methods I had been taught seemed lacking. 

I don’t know what made me say yes to Nicola’s one on one course, it’s quite out of character for me, definitely something deeper than my own mind booked me on before I’d had chance to argue too much about it. I will be eternally indebted that I did though, Nicola is a wonderful teacher, she met me on my own level of understanding and delivered life changing ideas with compassion. I had so many ‘wow’ moments throughout the four days where the truth just became apparent the more we talked and with that came a real sense of freedom and lightness that I hadn’t felt in years. 

Driving home, I got that excited feeling you get when you’re on the way to the airport to go on holiday, but it was about going back to my own life. A seismic shift happened and continues to happen, and I will be forever grateful for the future I now believe is possible, one that is freer and easier than ever before.”


Insight Changes Everything – with Danielle

This podcast is a conversation with one of my (now discharged) clients, Danielle.

Here’s what she shared in our client Facebook Group to give you some context – I just had her share her story with you.

“I think it’s important that I lay out just how bad because I know there will be people who simply can’t believe yet, that they will be able to be ‘normal’ ever again.. so, I’ll tell you just how bad it was first. 

I had a complete nervous breakdown, the 3rd in my life, I couldn’t leave my room, I didn’t sleep at all for 3 weeks, I dropped down to 6st 11 (43kg) I couldn’t bath, wash or brush my teeth because I couldn’t be alone for that long. I couldn’t sit down so I paced around in a small circle for about 10 hours a day. I became petrified that I would go crazy & grab a knife & stab myself or jump off of the balcony without any control over myself. I banned anything that could be a hazard from the house. No one was allowed to come into the house as that made me feel even more afraid, I couldn’t eat & just about managed to drink water. I started experiencing hallucinations at night & would wake up to spiders crawling over the walls & bed, to seeing people standing over me & hearing voices in my head (all through lack of sleep & severe stress) hospital was discussed but the crisis team realised that moving me would probably make me worse & I agreed, so I had twice daily visits & calls to check I was still alive. My partner had to be with me 24 hours a day, giving up his whole life to take care of me & my two children. It was pretty bad all in all.

Over 20 years, I’d tried every therapy imaginable. Nothing worked. I had a strong knowledge of spiritual practice & metaphysics, it was my job. I lost all faith in the process & actually, became terrified of it & of the psychic ability I had & used as part of my work. I reached a point where I felt my brain was splitting in two.

Coming into the Little Peace of Mind program did something I’ve never experienced before. 

Today, I left the town I live in for the first time in a year, to keep a date with a friend for free cake at her tea room. I can promise you that this is something I never imagined possible. What I’ve come to understand & to begin living over this 11 weeks, is that nothing you can do, will change this simple fact – you do not need to fix yourself, you are not broken, or mental, or different or weird. You are well. 24/7 – 365. All you are, is in the way; blocking the wellness you are. Searching for wellness is like looking for your eyes to see where they are all the time. They’re just there, it just is.. you’ve just got them closed.

I haven’t felt the need to ask questions or say ‘but what about when this or that happens’, I’ve just remembered on a deeper level each day, that I am wellness. As thoughts pop up, I experience them as just thoughts now. They have no relevance to my physical feeling or experience unless I designate them as doing so. A motorway or aeroplane is no different an experience than cuddling a kitten. My wellbeing doesn’t change dependent on the situation I’m in, only the attachment to the thoughts I might have do that.

I’ve realised humility, the understanding that judging where someone else is consciously, is completely needless. I never need to make anyone see anything differently than the way they do.

I’ve grown in self worth. I used to constantly feel my presence was something other people probably didn’t like, now, I don’t ‘think’ about what someone may be thinking about me. It’s not their opinion, it’s me projecting what I think their opinion might be.I trust so much more without needing to control what’s happening or how I’ll cope. Everything was a military operation when it came to going somewhere, nearly always with tranquillisers – I haven’t touched a tranquilliser in 10 months. 

I feel more grown up. Instead of that child like persona we adopt as ‘panickers’, I know I can look after myself in this world. I don’t give any time to things like my weight or age or whatever we tend to not like about ourselves. I know my wellbeing takes care of all of it. 

Even today when I had a moment before I left the house, I allowed the thoughts, I allowed the physical sensation & knew 100% that my wellbeing would take care of it. Immediately my consciousness rose back up & off I went – in a car, being driven by someone else & I had TWO cakes. I thought about the joy I’d feel when I got home to tell my fiancé & the pride in his face was obvious. I’ve spoken of the changes in my body & people around me before also. 

Getting rid of anxiety from your life, is as ridiculous as trying to get rid of laughing from your life. It’s a normal expression, we need it. Being able to live a normal life regardless of experiencing anxiety is truth. The reason this program works & nothing else does, is because it’s true. The physical symptoms of panic dissipate very rapidly once you ‘know’ within, that you are absolute wellness. 

I wish you all peace & love as you move through this program & beyond.”

Here’s her story….


What if you didn’t need to get what you think you want in order to be happy? – with Gemma

“I need my panic attacks to go and THEN I’ll be happy.”

“I need to be able to take my kids on holiday this year and THEN I’ll be happy.”

“I need to be able to stop washing my hands obsessively and THEN I’ll be happy.”

“I need my boyfriend to want to live with me and THEN I’ll be happy.”

“I need to be a stone lighter and THEN I’ll be happy.”

“I need a husband/kids/new house and THEN I’ll be happy.”

What if none of that was true?

No, but REALLY???!!

Today Gemma shares how her anxiety hinged around a central story that she suddenly saw to be untrue. It was made of thought. And how that changes everything.

(Oh and how she had her finger bitten off by a dog – in case you’re planning to have breakfast while you listen!)


Other Success Stories

Sandra's anxiety was all around going to shops, to other busy places and just seeing other people.

James experienced chronic and severe anxiety which he thought was a result of the traffic noise outside of his house.

Emma felt extremely uncomfortable leaving her house, hard when you have 2 small children.

Like many people, I had spent years trying to fix me. I had almost resigned myself to my life being the best it was ever going to get; but I knew I was being short changed.

Now I feel like the butterfly has emerged from the chrysalis. There’s colour in my world, a song in my heart and wind in my sails.

I can sleep, I’m at peace and I feel truly happy; and yet nothing in my life has changed: just me! I will forever be grateful to Nicola, her team and all the members of A Little Peace of Mind who have shared their thoughts and experiences and given advice.

You cannot put a price on being given your life back ❤️


I’m feeling so much better than I have in the last seven years thanks to A Little Peace of Mind. I don’t need to do the hard sell on this. It just works and all you have to do is listen and let go while Nicola eases you through the understanding. 

Best thing I ever did for myself.


There are times when something impacts your life so profoundly that words don’t even do it justice . At the same time you want to find those words so you can share and pass along your experience with others . You want others who have walked the same lonely path of anxiety to not be afraid anymore , to not be alone and to not give up hope !

Finding A Little Peace of Mind and Nicola Bird has changed my life so profoundly. All by joining and listening to the 12 week program. after years of trying everything to escape the grip anxiety had on me. I have my life back , I am no longer a prisoner to my anxiety, I get to be present again and loving life!

If you have heard any of Nicola words and they provided you a flicker of hope... then keep listening and don’t give up. Come join this supportive community that has grown to be my family from around the globe who wraps you in a warm embrace, reaches out a hand when your in need . All you need to do is listen to the words and be open to consider could this be true. what I have gained through insight by being part of little peace of mind I now know none has to suffer from mental illness or anxiety. Anyone can have this gift of wellness and freedom. I wish there were no more victims of anxiety . This program points you in the right direction to find what you have always been looking for!

I will be filled with gratitude for a lifetime and beyond for clicking that button that day to join ALPOM . My gratitude to Nicola for stepping out and sharing this gift with as many people as she can!

Can’t say enough however I can say if you do nothing else... join ALPOM!  ❤️❤️


Simply life changing! I no longer blame my external world for the way that I feel I see that it is all just thought that can change in a minute. I am content and at peace with whatever is going on in my life. So grateful to Nicola and her team.


If I could, I'd buy the 12 week program and give it to my 25 year old self. At 49 I've finally found the freedom that I was searching for under every rock for the past 24 years.

It's not a fix or a thing to do. It's taking a course on anxiety and watching as it's power over you slides away the more you understand it. It's freedom.


After a life time of anxiety  (I'm now 46) I feel I hit a peak last year where I knew if I didn't find someway of getting better then I really was looking a t a terminal condition. I tried so many techniques, but all of them wore me out - when you said in week one that there was nothing I really had to do I nearly cried with relief!

I have been so tired of trying to control this thing. Who knew that just relinquishing control could make such a difference. My anxiety was triggered by world events - when I get I'll I check the news up to fifty times an hour.

This trigger will hopefully explain to you why 2016 ended up being so bloody awful for me (it was a pretty shit year for ' normal' folk!) However, now as the world is apparently still going bonkers, I am alright. I check the news, and keep myself informed like a normal person .

When I do see an alarming headline, which would have previously sent me into panic and despair, I am able to think ' It's all ok.

I cannot tell you how wonderful this is! Just like you I am grateful for the horrors of my anxiety because I am really appreciating how amazing normal feels! I have come this far in just five of your sessions! I am so excited about what is to come!!

Thank you xxx


Nicola, something is changing! I can't get my head round this but I've driven over 100 miles up the motorway today, overtaking lorries all the way. First one was a bit wobbly, but after that I settled and was fine. I don't think I've done anything other than a bit of letting the thought pass. I'm so happy to have been able to do this today.


This is your own journey so you will travel at your own speed. You will choose different stops as you go and may reach your destination sooner or later than others but it is not a race.

I have achieved more toward freedom in this programme than I have with medication, counselling, CBT, and many other forms of treatment and though I haven't stopped my medication or other treatment they have become less important.

I've had a year of being "self restricted" to my house and crippled with depression and anxiety.

Being part of this conversation enabled me to leave my house alone at only week 6 of the programe. I did it again at week 7.

Now I'm at week 8 and understand so much more about my own anxiety and I see little glimmers of me that give me hope. I recommend an open mind and stick with the programme even if you don't get will.


 I am preparing for my 3rd flight to my daughters in Spain since signing up for the 7 day programme, l could not contemplate flying before, even travelling 2 days on a coach to get to see my daughter, it’s been over a year since l first listened to Nicola’s introduction, l love this group, the podcasts, absolutely everything about it, my life has changed in so many ways,

l would recommend this group to anyone struggling with life, young or old , once you GET IT, life will just get better. Thank you Nicola.


Game changing, life changing...peace of mind can be obtained if you truly become aware that thoughts are just illusions, are not real and are not who you are 💙🤗


So I'm not totally sure why this program works it just does. So much so that my Dr. Wants me to start wearing me off my medication. Nicola and shannon are wonderful leaders and James and Maryse are wonderful as well. All I can say is open your ears and just listen. Don't bother trying to figure things out its not worth the energy . Go with the flow. Key word being flow. The program also offers support from all of its members .


After struggling really badly for over 10 years, with what I thought was unresolved grief from losing my sister, and Mum I stumbled upon Nicola's programme and joined up...Slowly but surely everything she said made complete sense to me.

I feel completely different now, I no longer search to try and fix myself, as i now know I was never even broken in the first place. The pain of loss has been replaced with pure gratitude of living in the moment! 100% recommend this life changing programme.


This program is the answer to it all. This is the shift. When you start to get a true understanding of how we really work, it takes load off the table.

You start to change and shift. It has taken me down a road of more of my spirituality and meaning to life. I can’t thank you enough Nicola for this wonderful program 💜


I can't believe it has been a year now since I started this program and I have my life back!!!

No more morning dread and an endless list of body symptoms.

Thanks to this understanding I no longer take my life, and the feelings of being anxious so seriously, knowing they will pass and all is well. Thank you Nicola and ALPOM for showing me the is to be lived loudly, proudly and anxiety free. 😃😃


This isn’t just another one of those ‘magic fixes’, this truly is the path to freedom from anxiety.

During my journey with Nicola I have discovered a completely new perspective on life. My mind is quieter and everything looks more hopeful and exciting. And all just through listening and being open to change. 


Just this August, after years without, this is what I did : Broadway show, two full length films on TV, a two hour hike in the heat, driving to JFK airport and back. No issues before, during, after. This program is a freaking miracle!


I can't even describe how A Little Peace of Mind has changed me as a person,

I had tried everything but to no avail, I started on this journey 11 months ago, quiet honestly expecting nothing to change it was just another way of somebody exploiting people with anxiety issues like we have seen so many adverts for, but I couldn't have been further from the truth, this programme has given me back my life, my family, my friends, as every living moment was consumed with my thoughts, and my actions followed, I honestly couldn't see the wood for the trees, trying to put into words what Nicola and the team have done is near impossible.

It's a freedom that had been lost, a life that existed ...... not lived. Every day just led into the next with no purpose or meaning, that is all gone now, I can't wait to embrace life good or bad, this programme has shown me how to do this, and the support on line is brilliant,

Please don't hesitate in making change possible, you will not regret it, this programme does work and because most of the team have stood in our shoes they understand what we are going through, help is always there if you need it. Here's to new beginnings. X


This isn’t just another one of those ‘magic fixes’, this truly is the path to freedom from anxiety. 
During my journey with Nicola I have discovered a completely new perspective on life. My mind is quieter and everything looks more hopeful and exciting. And all just through listening and being open to change. 


So, so glad Nicola's programme popped up on my Facebook newsfeed. Helping me deal with anxiety and see it in a whole new light is actually the bonus... this programme has taught me so much more and continues to do so. I'm staying in this conversation indefinitely. I have become so much more at home with myself and peaceful than I ever was before. Nicola and her team are amazing, I highly recommend this on so many levels 💕💕


I joined this program knowing I was being led by my anxieties in life and not experiencing freedom of choice. What Nicola showed me was how I was missing a piece of understanding, so simple and yet so profound. It has been a wonder filled journey and it was a sheer relief to be guided along the way in such an easygoing manner with no judgement whatsoever. I would recommend this program to anybody wanting a deeper understanding of how every human being experiences life and how to enjoy the ride of life along the way! A heartfelt thank you to Nicola 


So this morning an amazing thing happened.

I had to get to St Pancras station and I agreed to 'try' to go on the tube - Victoria line from Vauxhall.

7 stops deep underground.

A few brief moments of discomfort but no panic.

Can't believe it. 6 weeks ago I wouldn't have entertained the idea.

Thank you so much Nicola you really have changed my life x


Just wanted to share positive results after week 1!!

I've had anxiety for the past 5 years resulting from a health issue that has now gone but left me fearful. This is very restricting . I fear going out far from home, trains, planes, busy places, work ( feel stuck until 5pm, what if I feel panic and can't leave) and my worst fear is night time.

This means, I don't go out at night. I only work part time. I don't travel far and when I leave the house I have to have all kind of pills on me incase I feel unwell. Always need water and a portable phone charger.

THIS IS amazing... I watched the first video. Felt like something clicked. Went to London a few days later to visit friends for the weekend. No anxiety on the train, no anxiety walking around London. I felt so good I asked my friend if we could go to the pub in the eve. I was amazed. Felt like I was in the moment and didn't think. Or at least... I didn't pay too much attention to my thoughts. Thanks, I hope things will stay like this