A Little Peace of Mind

Mentor Program

If your life has been changed by the work that we do here at A Little Peace of Mind or the Three Principles understanding and you’d love the opportunity to help others struggling with anxiety, while gaining a deeper understanding for yourself, then the Little Peace of Mind Mentor Program is the perfect fit for you.

With the Little Peace of Mind book out there and over 70,000 people around the world already part of the Little Peace of Mind family, how great would it be to be able to provide a real-life community of people all exploring in this direction? Facebook is great, but let’s face it, nothing beats the real thing.

The Vision

Imagine a team of Little Peace of Mind Mentors all around the world, sharing what they know with friends and family and  running regular meet-ups in their local communities so that members of the Little Peace of Mind family can get together with others who want to be in this conversation.

Where people with anxiety who are on waiting lists for treatment and have no other support can be met with love and understanding, close to their homes, to just hang out with people who understand where peace lies.

Where the partners, carers and loved ones of those people are warmly welcomed to find out how best to support the person that’s struggling. I wonder what the ripple effect might be.

The Training


Your foundational training will all be delivered online through a series of self-study videos starting as soon as you sign up.

We’ll be deep diving into areas such as:

=> Deepening your own grounding in this understanding – the degree to which you live in peace and wellbeing is the degree to which you’ll be able to support others to do the same

=> Getting clear on how valuable YOUR individual contribution to others could be

=> How sharing what you know is one of the best ways for you not only to support others but to see more about this understanding for yourself too

The Mentor – Foundational Program has been designed specifically for those who want to share what they have learned that has been helpful to them with the people in their lives with more confidence and ease.

And if you would like to take the year-long program and become certified to run Little Peace of Mind Meetups with my support, the Mentor – Certification Program is the option for you.

The Mentor – Certification Program includes the Mentor – Foundational Program and then we have additional training and support for you including:

=> Ideas for conversation-starters for your Little Peace of Mind Meetups

=> A simple guide to the Meetup platform we’ll provide you with to make holding your Meetups easy

=> A full year of follow-up calls, a Meetup Group set up on the Meetup platform on your behalf and a dedicated Facebook Group for ongoing support.

=> when you complete the final foundational module (which could be as quickly as 5 days after you join), you’ll be invited to book a 60 minute slot in my diary so that I can answer any questions you might have and check you have everything you need in terms of your understanding to go ahead to start your Meetups under the Little Peace of Mind name. This is when you ‘graduate’.

=> Following graduation, you’ll be asked to attend a monthly Mentor Training and Support call for the next 12 months where together with the rest of the Mentors we can discuss:

  • Questions about your own grounding
  • Ideas for topics for upcoming meet-ups
  • Anything and everything!

The training was fabulous and I finished bubbling with enthusiasm to start the mentoring, feeling fully prepared (no matter what happened) and, most importantly, part of a special group of people sharing this experience in a friendly, non-pressured way. Am meeting some great people at the meet-ups but met some lovely people on the training. It felt so intimate. I loved it and would highly recommend it! X


Serving others is the most rewarding thing one can do. You can simply show up and share what you have learned, and someone might change from hopeless to hopeful, by the simple fact that you are present with them, in the knowing of your true self.


I felt drawn to sign up for the mentor program because I want to spread the word about an understanding that not only provides life changing relief from anxiety but so much more! Seeing how simply human experience works can improve life for anyone and in all areas. I like the casual discussion format of the meetups…I just facilitate them and then we can all share and learn from each other.


Ever since starting Nicola’s 12 week programme around 18 months ago and discovering just how peaceful and simple life could be, I couldn’t help but share what I knew with everyone! 
So when Nicola announced the new mentor programme it was just a no brainer for me and I signed up straight away. I can’t wait to get out there and help people to see for themselves just how free they can be!


The training is superb and you’ll find an incredible supportive community of likeminded people in Nic and the other mentors. I promise you, you’ll get so much more out of this than you put in.


Certification: What’s In It For You?


hang out with people who understand you!

A way for you to have conversations with other people who understand the Principles (or could benefit from doing so) in your local neighbourhood. Throwing around words like thought and consciousiness without people thinking you’ve joined a weird cult – how cool would that be?
Could you do this without me? Of course, but I notice you’re not 🙂 Probably because you’re not sure how, who would come to them or what you might say when you get there – I’m going to help you with all that.


a way to pass it forward

I was so grateful for the difference this understanding made to my life, I knew I wanted to pass it onto others. This is the simplest way I know to help you do the same.

Polish up that halo and pass it on. Just by showing up and being you. Could it really be that simple to make a difference? Yes, and you’ll see the simplicity of that by the end of the training.



a non-scary way to support!

All you’ll need to do if you decide to do the full Mentor training is find a local cafe or pub to hold your meet-up. We’ll provide members and ideas for attendees for members to watch/read before each meeting so they come with ready-made topics of conversation. 

be a little bit famous

A chance to be a founding member of something that could be huge – hang out with me and a bunch of other like-minded people for a year as we c0-create this thing together.

If you complete the full Mentor Program, you’ll be named as a Little Peace of Mind Mentor on our website (so you can show off to your Mum) and details of your group will be shared in our weekly newsletter so new members can find you. 



ongoing training & support

Monthly Mentor Training and Support Calls for graduates mean you get to stay in touch with me personally – every question you ask and hear answered will deepen your own understanding and be helpful to your group. A chance to be part of the Little Peace of Mind inner circle and find out what really goes on behind the scenes!

deepen your own understanding

During the training, our main priority will be deepening your personal experience of peace and wellbeing. Even if you decide not to actually become a Mentor at the end, what you’ll take for yourself from the intensive will be transformative.

As a Mentor, one of the best ways to see more for yourself is to be in conversation and answering questions from others. It truly is one of the most rewarding roles on the planet IMHO!

Is the Mentor Certification right for you?

Ready to Join Us?



Who is a good fit to take the Mentor Programs?

Anyone who has been impacted by the Principles and wants to share what they’ve learned with more ease and confidence is welcome to the Mentor – Foundational Program.

For the Mentor – Certification Program, it’s also helpful if you have experience in your own life with anxiety and stress, but not essential as long as you have compassion those struggling with this. And let’s face it, we all know what it means to be caught up in secure thought.

As a certified Little Peace of Mind Mentor, you must be happy to give up at least one afternoon or evening a month to hold a local meet-up group to support others in your area, attend the monthly Q&A calls (or listen to the recordings) and have a genuine desire to bring what you know to the lives of others.


What happens if I fall behind with the modules?

For the Mentor-Certification Program, I ask you to take no longer than 90 days to complete the training in order to qualify for graduation. The reason is I know how easily life can get in the way and I’m really keen that if you make this level of investment in your development, that you benefit from it. And yes, the training is great (that’s from the mouths of previous trainees!) but the real benefit to you comes once you start running your first Meetups. We want you up and out there ASAP – so the 90 day deadline is a way to keep you motivated.

Will you lose access to all the training materials after 90 days? No – those will stay in your portal for you as long as you’re a Mentor so you can refer back to them, but you need to hit the ‘mark complete’ button on the last module within 90 days of signing up or I’m afraid graduation won’t be possible.

With the Mentor-Foundations Program, the modules are yours to enjoy at your leisure!


Is this a full coach or practitioner training?

No, I want to be very clear about this. Training as a coach requires far more intensive training over a longer period of time than the Little Peace of Mind Mentor Training provides – and you will not be able to call yourself a Little Peace of Mind Practitioner or present yourself as a trained coach to your meet-up group. If you do want to consider training as a coach, then becoming a Little Peace of Mind Mentor is a good step to see for yourself whether further training is something you might enjoy doing, at a far more affordable investment than full coach training. We do run a Little Peace of Mind Practitioner Program and we always open applications to the places on this program to our certified Mentors ahead of anyone else.


Can I do it with a friend?

Of course! If two of you attend the training from the same local area, it can be great fun to join together to lead a group.


What happens after the first year as a Certified Mentor?

Your investment and successful completion of the Mentor-Certification Program gives you access to the ongoing Mentor Support & Training calls for the full 12 months of the program. You’ll also be listed on our website during that 12 month period.

Following that, there will be an annual fee of £497 (plus VAT) which gives continued access to the calls and continued listing on the site.

Am I allowed to offer personal coaching to my meet-up group?

Integrity is a value we hold very dearly here at A Little Peace of Mind so we want to make sure you are clear what you role as a Mentor is – to lead your local  group. You’re in a role as a Mentor, not a coach. Obviously we want the meet-up groups to be places where people can feel safe, accepted and not feel ‘sold to’ so making sure your groups are ‘pitch-free’ are values you’ll  need to subscribe to too.


Will I automatically become a certified Mentor at the end of the training?

If you complete all of the Mentor-Certification program and then when we meet for your graduation call and for any reason you don’t meet the criteria to become a Little Peace of Mind Mentor, we’ll try to find a way to remedy that, and failing that, you’ll be issued a full refund for the training. I imagine this is highly unlikely to happen, but this is one of those ‘just in case’ statements!


How much time will being a certified Mentor take?

You’ll need to attend the full online training and complete the exercises as well as come to the graduation call with me. The monthly Mentor Training and Support calls will be 60 minutes and are optional to attend (though you will be expected to watch the recording) – recordings will be sent out after each call. Following your training, you’ll be expected to run a minimum of one meet-up each month in your local area in order to maintain your standing as a Mentor and be listed as such on the website. Of course you can run them more frequently if you’d like to (and we’d love it if you build up enough momentum and enjoy doing them enough to do that!). 


Can you revoke my position as a certified Mentor once I've trained?

I don’t imagine this happening as I’m trying to make sure I bring the right people on board for this but yes. I can withdraw your certified Mentor position at my discretion. If you’re an arse. If you promote your coaching services to your meet-up group or generate complaints. If you don’t manage to hold one meet-up a month. If you do anything illegal, unethical or unkind (also comes under the ‘being an arse’ category. If any of these situations arise, of course we’ll talk about it first, but my decision as to whether you can continue as a Mentor will be final. Ooooooh, I sound very strict! Seriously, I want my Mentors to be world-class and operate based on love and understanding. Do that and we should be OK. Once you sign up, we’ll send you over the Mentor contract to sign and send back to us so you’ll see all this laid out in detail.


I'm not brave enough!!

If you take the Mentor – Certification option, your meet-up will be free for people to attend and you’ll start small so no pressure. Imagine yourself sitting at a cafe or bar with a small table with 4 or 5 people due to turn up and have a drink and relaxed chat about anxiety, peace and wellbeing. Over time this group might grow, but you can set a limit that you’re comfortable or let it grow as large as you like over time. You so ARE brave enough. You wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t. Plus me, Mind and the other Mentors will all have your back 🙂


I still have questions

No problem, email me at hello@alittlepeaceofmind.co.uk.