A Little Peace of Mind Book Companion Course

A Little Peace of Mind, the book will be published shortly – but its Companion Course is just about to start. Here’s how to join for free…

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The 7 Day Program

If you’d like to be taken step-by-step through the Little Peace of Mind understanding, this introductory course is perfect.


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The 6 Week Program

Our most popular comprehensive and step-by-step program to help you experience freedom from anxiety, panic attacks and stress.

**Open for Registration – Starts Monday 25th February**

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The Platinum Package

 A 4 month private coaching program.

Limited places only.

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Become a Little Peace of Mind Mentor

If you’ve been touched by this understanding and want to share what you’ve learned with others, why not become a Little Peace of Mind Mentor?

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A Little Peace of Mind for Kids

What if your kids could learn the same fundamental principles about wellbeing and where it comes from in a way that made sense to them at the same time and helped them become happy, resilient, thriving children?

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Business Mentoring & Coaching

For practioners and coaches in this field wanting to increase their impact and reach. The Navigating by Mind Program has been designed specifically for you.

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