What about my Medication?

Many people are taking medication, considering taking it, or considering coming off it and I often get asked questions about this so I thought I’d answer them all here for you.

Firstly, I’m not a doctor. That means that even if I wanted to, I’m not able to give you advice about what you should do.

But here are my ‘best’ answers to the most common questions I get

Should I come off my medication, what do you think?

Chances are, if you’re asking this question, it’s because you’re confused, unsure and can’t make your mind up. There’s a feeling to these states of mind: confusion, uncertainty and frustration. All those feelings are the body’s wisdom, telling you that your thinking currently contains no data that’s useful, that you’re up in your head trying to figure it out, and that you simply, at this moment in time, don’t know the answer to the question.

All of which is fine if you know that’s what’s going on. It’s OK to not know, you know. And trying to figure it out, asking other people what they think and ruminating about it a lot is guaranteed to take you further away from clarity, not closer to it. And by the way, if you ask other anxious people what they think you should do about your medication (for example in our client Facebook Group), you’ll get a lot of predictably distorted noisy answers back, none of which will give you a clearer answer! Or you’ll get this one.

Here’s what I would say. Follow your doctor’s guidance. As you look in the direction I’m pointing in here at A Little Peace of Mind, your mind will start to settle and quiet. And from that place of quiet, you’ll know what you want to do about your medication.

At this point some people get clear they’d like to come off their medication. And also, some people get clear they’d like to start some. I have nothing on it either way.

You’re also far less likely to need it as you find your natural peace of mind in the longer term.

Simple guide: if you feel stressed and that you urgently need an answer on this one – red traffic light. The thoughts you have that you need to start asking other people are bullshit. Sit with it. When you’re quiet (and that’s your default that you’ll return to inevitably), you’ll know.

I’m on medication, will that interfere with me doing any of your Programs?

For some people, medication can be incredibly helpful to help quiet their frantic busy minds so that they can actually HEAR what I’m teaching.

If you’re concerned it makes you groggy, unable to think clearly or remember things – that’s actually great for the work that I do – the less your intellectual brain gets involved, the better.

Other than that, it really doesn’t matter to me either way.

It’s like asking me, ‘But I have ginger hair, will that mean I can’t learn more about how human beings really work?’

See what I mean?

Medication is a thing it’s easy to get yourself in a tizz about. It’s fine. It can’t alter or change who you fundamentally are – underneath all that chatter there’s peace, calm and mental health, whether it looks true to you today in this moment or not.

Trust me. I can see it, even if you can’t.

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