The Three Secrets to Overcoming Anxiety Effortlessly

 **Brand New Webinar**

I’m always looking for new ways to share what helped transform my own journey with anxiety and panic attacks and I realised that there are some simple facts that just don’t get widely talked about. Hence the topic of this new webinar.

The webinar is called Three Secrets to Overcoming Anxiety Effortlessly – with ‘effortlessly’ being the key word.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 12th September at 3pm Eastern/ 8pm UK and will last for 90 minutes.

On this webinar I’ll share:

  • The one single cause of ALL anxiety, no matter how it shows up for you – the more you understand this, the more anxiety starts to dissolve all on it’s own
  • Why I NEVER ask my clients to do anything scary to overcome anxiety – feeling the fear and doing it anyway isn’t a necessary strategy (I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear!)
  • How to get your life back without having to work so hard to manage your anxiety all the time – what you’re probably trying to do to cope is exhausting; I’ll show you far simpler way

I’ll share with you as much as I can in the 90 minutes we’ll have together and at the end I’ll let you know about a simple way to continue this conversation with me if you’d like to learn more.



P.S. I’m going to be making a very special offer only to those who attend the LIVE webinar so clear your diaries and make sure you’re there!