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You are going to experience such a sense of relief as you join the wonderful group of people that are already creating a life filled with more freedom and fearlessness.

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Congratulations! Your payment of ¬£27 has gone through and you have successfully registered for The Little Peace of Mind 7 Day Program ūüôā

You are going to experience such a sense of relief as you join the wonderful group of people that are already creating a life filled with more freedom and fearlessness.

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fed up of techniques

You’ve tried every technique going and you just feel like a failure as none of them seem to ‘work’ permanently.


ready to see more

You’ve heard something in this conversation so far that’s touched you and¬†you want to see more

an end to the churning

…in your stomach the whole time that seems to stop you moving forward with your life.


want to watch at a time to suit you

You don’t want to commit to live Q&A calls and would rather study in your own time and in private.


had enough of feeling limited

You can see your world is getting smaller and smaller and that’s not OK with you any more.


simply put...

You want the support of someone who truly gets you. Who’s been where you are and is through the other side.

Here’s how the Little Peace of Mind Self-Study Program works..



– 22 Masterclasses –

Starting right away, each ¬†day for 30 days, you’ll be guided through a collection of Masterclasses as we go step-by-step through the Little Peace of Mind Program.

These are in both video and audio format and are delivered in our easy-to-use portal so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to take part.

This¬† is a self-study version of our full 12 Week Little Peace of Mind program so if you’re going on holiday, just catch up when you get back – you have lifetime access to everything and I’ve built ‘rest and reflect’ days into the program.

You can watch on your computer, tablet or phone.

Simply watch, listen and reflect.

Here are just some of the modules you’ll receive.


How Anxiety Really Works  Рthe deep dive 

The Inside-Out Nature of Thought

Being Safe

Who’s Really in Control?

It Only Works One Way

“I just want it gone.”



Back to Basics – a fresh look at the Principles

The Fundamental Gamechanger

What Does Progress Look Like?

Stepping into the Unknown

You Can’t Get Enough Of What You Don’t Really Want

A Deeper Conversation



– Q&A Calls –

I’ve deliberately not included live Q&A calls in this self-study program as I wanted to offer you a way to learn flexibly and on a schedule that’s convenient to you this summer – and to make this a super-affordable way of working with me.

I also know that many people prefer to have a very private experience of working through the program.

However I have included three hours of pre-recorded Q&A calls so you can hear me answer the questions I know you’ll be asking as you move through the program.

All the benefits of Q&A calls – none of the inconvenience!



– Facebook Group –

This is your chance to see you’re not alone. Here’s where you get the support of others who totally understand how you feel, but more importantly, are all looking in the direction of health and well-being.

You can get additional support here from our team and the other members of the group, ask your questions and share your insights.



– Bonus Training –

How Change Really Happens

Many people tell me: “Nicola, I’m prepared to put the work in. I have tried tapping/affirmations/deep breathing/yoga (insert technique of choice) and I’ve done everything I’ve been told but none of it is providing me with a long term solution.

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that how change REALLY happens is far simpler than you think.

There’s a lot less work to do, in fact there are NO techniques or practices that I’ll teach you in the Little Peace of Mind Program.

Instead we take a completely different approach to understanding anxiety.

This new bonus video: How Change Really Happens will be waiting for you as soon as you sign up to show you a far more effortless way to move forwards with simplicity, ease and grace.




When Does It Start?


As soon as you sign up!

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– FAQs-

How do I know this will work?

Good question, especially as my guess is you’ve tried everything else you can find to shift this problem. Here’s my answer. If you’¬†find yourself drawn to this page, it’s already ‘working’ ūüôā

You’ve heard something inside you that is pulling you towards health. The aim of this program is to continue that journey – through the facilitation of your own insights.

Can we guarantee you’ll get the insight you want during the next 30 Days?


Will being in this conversation considerably tilt the odds in your favour?

Definitely. And here’s my promise to you. If you¬†decide to join the program and at the end of the twelve weeks you’re not completely happy that you did, I will refund you 100%.


What if I'm going on holiday soon?

That’s EXACTLY why I’ve created this self-study version of the Little Peace of Mind core program.

Don’t worry if you’re going away – you can watch while you’re away if you have access to the internet, and if not, don’t worry, you can just catch up when you get home.

This is a program to watch on YOUR schedule and you have lifetime access so you can just take your time.

I’ve even built in rest and reflect days twice a week so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

How is this different from anything I've already tried?

Everything else I’ve personally come across in this field is an attempt to help us deal with our anxious thinking. As long as we keep tapping, saying our affirmations, doing the scary stuff anyway or meditating, we can hold the anxiety at bay.

That is exhausting. And impossible.

What I do is different in that I point you in a direction upstream of your anxious thinking. To what’s actually causing it. Understand and resolve that and bam! No techniques required. I promise you there is ALWAYS less to do than you think. Which should come as a relief – you control freak! ( said with love as a recovered one)

What's your professional background?

I have a BSC in Psychology and an MSC in Occupational Psychology. I’m a trained Advanced Transformational Coach and have been coaching individuals for over eleven years.

But I believe what’s more relevant is I’ve been where you’re at. And I’m 100% through the other side. It’s this combination that I believe makes what I have to offer you unique and valuable.

I still have questions
No problem! Just click here to contact me and ask away – I’m always happy to hear from you.

Here’s what Denise had to say about joining the program

Week One

In this moment I am very grateful for that simple message that came through to me yesterday from a friend with the link to Nicola for this group. I just listened to the first audio . I am sitting here as my day begins crying. Not because I am sad, just very grateful to have been guided here. 22 years ago I suffered through severe depression and PTSD and survived 3 suicide attempts. The last one they restarted my heart. I went for 1 year not leaving my home unless I absolutely had to.

I came out of it, learned to cope, built a life for me within which I was safe. I drove, went places, laughed and lived. Than slowly the fears and anxiety came back . I do not know what triggered it, all I know is that my world has become smaller and smaller once again. I am happy and very successful in what I do . I can work from home and I can pretend that all is well in my little tiny world. As long as I live within the bubble I have created.

Week Seven

I have ventured outside of my home for a sleep over with my grand babies, we have started having play days where we go and have an adventure. I was able to leave and go to their birthday parties. More important I did not freak out on the drive, nor did I was to run and hide. I had and am having days of joy . Wow that has been a long time coming.¬†I am waking up happy in the morning now , looking forward to what the day will bring. I live in Canada and guess what? I am planning a trip to Ireland this fall with a friend. This coming from a lady who has not even gone out and done her own groceries in over two years. Oh I forgot and this is huge, I went clothes shopping So one breath at a time … one baby step at a time … one new page each day along our journeys. We’ve got this and we are not alone. My heart is full of gratitude. Nicola, you really have no idea how much you have and are helping. Thank you dear heart xox

And Others….