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There’s so much less to do than you think..

We’re so busy.

Trying to do more, be more and have more in order to find happiness and a sense of peace.

And because most of us have no idea where that really lies, we only ever seem to find it momentarily – only to find the search begins again.

As David Henry Thoreau said – most people lead “lead lives of quiet desperation”, forever caught up in this game.

Overwhelmed, anxious, unhappy and dissatisfied.

Stressed, ill, working too hard, drinking to switch off and wishing we had a closer connection to our loved ones.

All due to a series of simple misunderstandings.

The School Of Un-Doing was created to take each of those mis-understandings and un-do them one-by-one.

So that you can experience the peace of mind and freedom that was there all along.

How does it work?

Each Friday you’ll receive a video as we explore three themes each term. We’ll examine the misunderstandings we have, a #WTF video to blow your mind (!) and what we can see about peace, love, joy and freedom and how the seeing of that transforms our lives.

An online private group for your own personal reflections and questions you’d like me to answer on the live calls. 

Each Tuesday at 4pm Eastern/ 9pm UK, you’ll have a live Q&A so we can check in, you can ask questions, get coaching and share what you’re seeing. There’ll be a recording of each call so you can listen in later if you can’t get there live.

Clare Dimond will be joining us as a co-facilitator on the Summer Term of the School of Un-Doing. Clare is the author the books of ‘REAL’ and ‘FREE’ and is a gentle, beautiful and challenging teacher.

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What are the Themes?

Spring Term: Starts w/c 29th April

Un-doing the idea that what we do has anything to do with our happiness.

Result?  Freedom from having to work out what to do next.

Un-doing the idea that life should be taken seriously.

Result? Freedom to have a life of laughter and lightheartedness.

Undoing the idea of shrinking our worlds to be safe.

Result? Freedom from control-freakery and fear of the unknown.

Plus: The Introductory Course

As soon as you join the School, you’ll receive the Introductory Course that forms the foundation of our exploration.

12 modules and 12 Q&A recordings to listen to at your leisure.

Un-doing the idea that peace comes from having, being and doing more.

Result?  Freedom from having to do all that crap and free to do it all.

Un-doing the idea that love is something we have to manipulate others to get.

Result? Freedom from having to have anyone behave in any particular way.

Un-doing the idea we need to manage our experience.

Result? Freedom from trying to change or control your thoughts.

How is it delivered?

The School is run entirely online and there are 3 terms each year, each lasting 12 weeks.

The weekly videos and call recordings will be delivered inside our online portal and you can watch on your phone, tablet or computer.

The Q&A calls will be delivered using Zoom.

Term Dates

there are 3 terms each year, each lasting 12 weeks.

Spring Term: Starts w/c 29th April 2019

Autumn Term: Starts 9th September 2019

Winter Term: Starts 6th January 2020

How much is it?

Join for a single term: £197* (3-pay option available)

Click here to find what this is in your currency.

Should I start with this, or the Little Peace of Mind programs?

If seeing something new about your experience of anxiety is your priority right now, then I suggest that you take a look the Little Peace of Mind Program here as a first step:

The School of Undoing is more suited to those who are interested in exploring truth, regardless of whatever feeling is showing up in any moment.

Those who are up for having their minds blown, the world they think they know gently pulled apart and are up for joining us on the rollercoaster ride of exploration into seeing more deeply who and what we really are.

I'm a member of a Deeper Peace of Mind

There is a discount available if you are already a member of the Deeper Peace of Mind membership – please email for details.

I still have questions

No problem, just email so we can help.

Register for the School of Undoing

My anxiety had all but dissolved thanks to the Little Peace of Mind understanding and I was hungry for more.

As I got better I had more space and wanted to know “Is this it? “Why are we here? Non duality is a conversation that pointed to the realisation that I’m perhaps more a spiritual being having a human experience. 

I had an incredible experience sitting in my car of feeling pure profound love. A knowing that I don’t die but my body does. I cried tears of relief and nothing has ever been the same.

I was starting to feel pretty bored of thinking about anxiety and for that reason, although I felt wobbly about being taken on a new journey, it felt like really good timing, a fresh direction. I’ve loved the content and I feel like it’s opened me up to thinking about things differently. About my capabilities and the possibilities for the future. I’m less limited by my self belief and looking internally all the time.


The un-doing conversation has completely blown my mind… such an awesome way. The way I view the world has completely changed. Huge thanks and gratitude.


The school of un-doing has been a game changer. I totally loved it. I know I wasn’t an active part of the live calls, but I learned so very much. It was just so refreshing to be looking away from anxiety towards the mind blowing bigger picture. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. For some reason I now seem to be teaching again after 3 years away from it, selling my house, joined a gym, enjoying life and embracing ALL that it has to offer.