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starting 31 january

It might look like you can only really enjoy your life once you have circumstances set up exactly as you want them, and people behaving in the way they should.

Which leaves you trying to control circumstances and people all day long, every single day.

But what if it was possible to find enjoyment today. With things just as they are?

Starting Monday 31st January, over the course of four weeks, I’d like to invite you to explore the fundamental keys to enjoying life. And laugh a lot 🙂

Alongside the weekly video masterclasses from Dr Aaron Turner and myself, you’ll also be invited to a group coaching call with me at 2pm Eastern/ 7pm UK each Wednesday for the month of our exploration. These will be recorded if you can’t make them live.

We’ll also have a pop-up Facebook Group, where all our conversations, questions and insights can be shared for the duration of the course.

Here’s a taster of the upcoming Masterclasses..

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The Keys to Enjoyment is £97 for lifetime access to all masterclasses and q and a call recordings.

Please note: if you are part of A Deeper Peace of Mind, this program is included – we’ll be contacting you seperately with details.