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Ruth struggled for most of her life, with feelings of insecurity and anxiety;  never feeling good enough, constantly searching for ways to be a better version of herself and keeping herself small. 

Ruth had been holding on so tight to “controlling” all aspects of her life, being afraid of her experience, believing this to be the only way to get her through each single moment of the day.  
In fact, Ruth describes herself as a recovering control freak.. “If there was a control freaks anonymous, I would have certainly been one of their founding members!”.

Ruth created a world, so perfectly curated that those around her did not notice that inside, she was panicking! The physical signs would be; the heart palpitations, sleepless nights, continuous worrying, constant mood swings, which ultimately led to a more serious health diagnoses.

So Ruth went in search of an answer and having always been fascinated in how the mind works, graduated in Psychology and spent her corporate career focused on how the mind works and human behaviour.

That learning triggered Ruth’s continued curiosity in how life is experienced, eventually leading her to the work of Sydney Banks and the three principles. 

What Ruth discovered in that understanding is that she had “innocently” been making it all up!. What she saw was that her whole experience of life was like a fictional story, no more real than the storylines in Harry Potter.  

What Ruth now knows, is that there is an easier way to life;
One that allows us to grab hold of new opportunities, letting go of the need to feel in control. To not be afraid of our experience. To live with more ease and calm, more humour and loving relationships, more creativity and productivity and to know that no matter what the circumstances, no matter what life may throw at us, we will be alright. 

Ruth truly believes this understanding can change the world. Huge statement she knows, but if we all knew the true nature of thought and where our experience comes from, it would not make sense to look for the separation, not make sense to divide people based on past experiences or where they come from or what they believe. 

Ruth has actively searched out the leading practitioners in this field and trained under Nicola Bird to become an ALPOM practitioner. 

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