Re-Thinking Life

It strikes me that now is the perfect time for reflection.

We’ve been forced to take stock of what’s truly important to us, realise our own resilience, creativity and ingenuity in providing ourselves with food, work, home educating and entertainment.

For me, life has an additional layer of simplicity in an unpredented way and offers a space, an appreciation of the richness of life and quiet – a gift if we’re prepared to consider it that way.

I want to invite you to consider that decision-making, establishing priorities, improving performance, juggling life, facing challenges, relationships and life as a whole could all be so much simpler than you might have been making it.

A time to re-think life.

The other side of one conversation lies more simplicity, productivity, ease and clarity than you could possibly imagine.

Just wanted to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to say how much I have not only enjoyed the working with you, but also to explain how much I have got out of it.

The world appears to be really different today. 

When I stumbled across your work I knew it was the right path for me however I wasn’t sure just how much it would resonate (when you are a busy thinker you think nothing will) however the past few days have opened up a whole new world of calm to me. 

My mind feels quiet – I have a complete understanding of how “things” work.  I can’t even explain it really but what I do know is that I feel lighter, brighter and more here. I feel liberated and free for the first time in a long time. 

Feel so tired and relaxed I can’t keep my eyes open but a lovely tired like nothing is on me… xxx”


slow down & reflect


I’d like to invite you to work with with me for 60 minutes a week over the next six weeks to take a fresh look at life.

You may have had a big vision and plans for the next 12 months – hmmmm – life laughs at our plans eh?

How would it be if you could navigate this whole  new world with a lot less stress than before?

Without life being at the expense of your closest relationships.

And with a huge dose of creativity and innovation you never thought possible.

To be able to actually enjoy life in the moment instead of continually racing onto the next project.

To experience stillness and clarity at the heart of your life.

To go from a rushed person who use to (and might still be trying to!) control every aspect of her life to one who lives a life filled with simplicity, creativity and love.

It’s simpler than you might think, but it does require you to use your mind differently than you’ve been used to.

You have so much more going for you than you have ever realised.

My work with Nicola was nothing short of transformatory for me.

As a long standing sufferer of health anxiety, I had pretty much tried everything to try and rationalise how I was feeling and constantly trying to manage my thinking to achieve a different calmer outcome.

Insight after insight were dropped for me across the days we spent together and I can honestly say that, whilst I know that life will bring me ups and downs, challenges and grief on occasion, that I am always safe, I will always be OK, my wisdom will show up always when I need it and I will only ever look upstream from now on.

I would absolutely recommend working with Nicola to anyone who is looking for real relief from stress as these insights are profound and lifelong. Changing your relationship with thought and finding that inner peace is beyond precious.


Want to Re-Think Life?


The program is £1500 and includes 6 hour-long private coaching calls held via zoom.

 All calls will be held between 9am and 4pm UK time and coaching will start w/c 11 or 18 May.

 I only have 4 places to work with me in this way so please book a call here to be considered for this program. We’ll set up a  short conversation so that I can find out more about you, see if you’re a fit for working together in this way and answer any questions you might have.

 Serious applicants who are happy with the time and investment required only please.