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I was there, too.

I never would have thought that I’d be in a position to help educate others on a cure for anxiety.  

Growing up, I was what they would call a “sensitive child”.  I had a “nervous stomach.”  I missed over a month of school in grade 6 due to stomach upset every morning.  I also had OCD tendencies.  

I knew, even then, that there was a mind-body element at work.  

I thought it was interesting that if I simply worried or thought about having an upset stomach, that it would happen!

Needless to say, for the next 35 years, I knew where all of the bathrooms were located on every route and if I didn’t, I was loaded with medication to paralyze my bowels.  I always had to drive everywhere, organized every outing to the finest detail and if things went off plan, I was not fun to be around.  

Two weeks after I quit my job as a busy office manager, I had my first panic attack! I was downtown in a big city, and hungover from celebrations the night before.  I felt a bang in my head, my hands clenched up like claws, and I had difficulty swallowing.  For pretty much every day after that, I endured tingling in my hands and face and light-headedness.

I used medication to sedate myself so that I could be relaxed leaving the house.  And I never left the house without my purse, which had all of my security measures, such as tissues, medication and my cell phone.

I did every program that I could get my hands on.  Every therapy, technique and practise.  I even sourced out the best self-help gurus in the world that I could find (Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay, to name a few).  I had the loving support of my husband and family, no matter what I needed.  One day, I came across a free audio by Nicola Bird on Facebook that changed my life.  I signed up for the 6-week course, and I never had another panic attack again.

The Three Principles taught me how my thoughts create my reality.  More importantly, that all of my thoughts are neutral— they do not mean anything about me, until I believe that they do!  Therefore, I can treat every thought as neutral, and don’t have to get attached to anything I think, specifically, those fearful thoughts.

How different would YOUR life be if fearful and negative thoughts had no more bearing on your life?  Who would you be? I now leave the house forgetting my purse entirely.  And I don’t decide to turn back to get it, because


Let me help you to SEE your innate wellbeing and that the answers are available within you right NOW. 

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