the little peace of mind practitioner program

for those who want to know the joy of doing this work

“We have the most wonderful job in the world. We find people in various stages of sleep. And then we get to tap them on the shoulder and be with them as they wake up to the full magnificence of life.”

this work matters

If your life has been touched in some way by the understanding we share here at A Little Peace of Mind and you’d love to pass that forward to others, this year-long training program led by Nicola Bird and Dr Dicken Bettinger has been designed for you.

You know when you’ve found something that”s changed your life but no one seems to be listening when you try to pass it on?

…when you see a friend or relative struggling needlessly but they don’t seem to be impacted by the same things that changed your life?

…when you’ve been touched by the Three Principles and know you want to do this work for a living but don’t feel confident enough to just start?

…when you hear someone else coaching and think ‘My goodness, I’ll never be able to do that??’

…when you consider re-training to do this for your work but have no idea where to get clients or if you could really help them?

The Little Peace of Mind Practitioner Program contains everything you need to do this work with impact, confidence and love.

This work matters.

There are ten cornerstones to the program, each one specifically added to support your journey to becoming confident in your role as a catalyst for change in the lives of others. 

1. Intensives: Four weekends (dates below), all of which will take place on your own sofa (!) and led by myself and Dr Dicken Bettinger. Each is designed to cover the four cornerstones of coaching, so that you can be confident you have covered everything that’s required to be an effective change agent with a final graduation evening at the end of the program so we can all celebrate! All delivered online so you can join us from wherever you are in the world.

2. Coaching hours: We’ll provide you with clients so that you can conduct 60 hours of hands-on coaching practice over the course of the year. These are ‘real-life’ clients with ‘real-life’ problems who are volunteers from our Little Peace of Mind Community. Talking about coaching is all very well but this is your opportunity to learn this stuff for real and build your competence and confidence in your ability to see results in your work. This is a feature that is unique to the Little Peace of Mind Practitioner Program – and we believe it’s the difference that makes the difference in the quality of your work. 

3. Your own Guardian: We know it can be daunting travelling a new journey alone, so you’ll be  allocated a Guardian who has travelled this journey before you. There will be a small group of you assigned to each Guardian and you’ll meet once a month on zoom to share client case studies and ask questions. Your Guardian will also coach and mentor you throughout the year – their role is to support you and the hold the space for you to find your own feet.

4. Mentoring: your Guardian will listen to five of your recorded coaching calls and give you feedback so you can learn how to impact your clients more quickly and deeply.

5. Personal Coaching: The degree to which you yourself live a life full of peace, beauty and joy is the degree to which you’ll be able to help your clients do the same. We provide you with five hours of personal coaching so that you can see the truth of the principles more deeply for yourself and develop your own grounding – the foundation of your work.

6. Monthly Guest Speakers: This is NOT a program to help you coach only those with anxiety. We want to you to see how what you’re learning can be taken into every area of life so we’ll have guest speakers sharing with you the relevance of the principles to their line of work. How they bring peace of mind to teens, into prisons, to entrepreneurs, into corporates, to people with disabilities and many more.

7. Monthly Q&A calls with Nicola: We’ll get together once a month throughout the program (except August and December) so that you can continue to learn and ask questions about what you’re learning through your practice coaching sessions.

8. Most People Don’t Know That…..: Each month Nicola will share with you one of the most common misunderstandings she sees clients struggling with. Watch the video and then you’ll be invited to reflect how this shows up for you in your life – as well as that of your current clients.

9. Watch Coaches Coach: Every Monday evening you’ll be invited to watch our Little Peace of Mind Certified Practitioners as they coach real clients going through our Little Peace of Mind programs so that you can see how they do it. And once a month, you’ll be invited to the monthly Q&A Call Nicola hosts for  for our members so you can see her do the same.

10. Grow your Coaching Practice: An additional one-day workshop as you come to the end of the program to focus specifically on this one area.

the training

the dates

The Intensives will take place on the following dates. All are online and attendance is necessary in order to graduate. 

Each weekend will run as follows (all in UK time):

Friday evening: 7 – 8.30pm

Saturday and Sunday: 11.30am – 6.30pm.

The Foundations of Coaching: 1, 2 and 3 April 2022

Being Human: 1, 2 and 3 July 2022

Sharing vs Teaching the Principles: 21, 22 and 23 October 2022

Creating Sustainable Change: 13, 14 and 15 January 2023

Graduate Evening: March 26th 2023: 7-8.30pm

You are required to attend the following calls in order to graduate.

All will take place each month (with the exception of August and December) at 3pm Eastern/8pm UK.

Guest speaker calls – first Tuesday of every month

Monthly Q&A Calls with Nicola – second Tuesday of every month

Guardian Group Calls – third Tuesday of every month

Every Monday at 3pm Eastern/8pm UK our Little Peace of Mind Certified Practitioners host a Q&A Call for all members of our programs.

On the last Tuesday of every month at 3pm Eastern/ 8pm UK, Nicola hosts a ‘Deep Dive’ teaching and coaching call for our Deeper Peace of Mind members.

You are invited to each of these – all are completely optional and recordings will be sent out after each call if you can’t make them live.

20th July 2022: 1-8pm UK

The sessions will run as follows:

Session 1: 1-3pm

Session 2: 4-6pm

Sessino 3: 7-8pm

To be booked at a time convenient to you and your Guardian – we will try to match  you with a Guardian in your timezone where possible.

your guides

nicola (1)

a little about nicola...

Nicola has been working with people as a coach for over 16 years. With Masters Degree in Psychology, she is also a Master Transformative Coach, has hundreds (if not thousands!) of coaching hours under her belt, created an organisation that has helped over 100,000 people with anxiety and stress and is the Hay House author of the book A Little Peace of Mind.

She founded A Little Peace of Mind after finding an end to her own struggles with panic attacks and anxiety and realising that insecurity lay behind every area of life including parenting, health, anxiety, creativity, work and relationships. This work represents her wish to help alleviate that suffering in others.

She created the Little Peace of Mind Practitioner program to pass forward what she has learned so that others can have the joy of doing this work and creating change in the lives of others.

dicken (1)

a little about dicken...

Dr Dicken Bettinger has a Master’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and a Doctoral degree in counseling psychology from Boston University.  He became licensed as a clinical psychologist in 1983 and then met Syd Banks who he then learned directly from for the next 23 years resulting in a  Certificate of Competency from Mr. Banks authorizing him to teach the Three Principles. it is hugely important to A Little Peace of Mind that our program honours the work and insights of Syd, and Dicken has been invited onto the Faculty to help keep us true to that intention.

Dicken has been married for 52 years and loves teaching people about what it takes to create healthy, thriving relationships. He has two adult children and plans his day around when he can be with his four grandchildren.  He enjoys photography, hiking, canoeing,  traveling, and his cockapoo. 

This is not officially part of his bio but he is also, in Nicola’s words,. love in form.

your guest speakers

dr bill pettit

peace of mind for mental health

rohini ross

peace of mind in relationships

chetna bhatt

peace of mind with grief

barb patterson

peace of mind for entrepreneurs

claire shutes

peace of mind and disability

elizabeth lovius

peace of mind in corporates

aaron turner

peace of mind: back to basics

anna debenham

peace of mind in prison

erika bugbee

peace of mind for teens


peace of mind and joy

what's in it for you?


emma jo


a brand new career path

You’ll be a certified Little Peace of Mind Practitioner!
After you graduate, you’ll be listed on our website as a recommended resource for all our future clients – a great way to build your future coaching practice.

a way to pay it forward

No doubt, you’re so grateful for the difference this understanding has made to your life and you know you want to to pass it onto others.

This is your chance to do so.

build relationships

Delivering 60 coaching hours to clients and all the other practical experience in the program gives you a unique opportunity to build relationships with potential future clients that may decide to hire you as their coach once you graduate.

connect with your own wisdom

We know you can only give away what you have seen for yourself. A core focus of the program is helping YOU live a move beautiful life. 

More depth.. More connection. More understanding. More love.

be inspired

Dr Dicken Bettinger is one of the most inspiring teachers you will ever meet and we are so grateful to have him on the team and be able to share him with you in this way. 

But, more than anything, you’ll find yourself inspired by the insights and wisdom of your clients as their lives start to change as a result of your work together.

let us shout about you

We’ll let our current clients know all about you, add your profile to our website and shout about you in the newsletter.

Whereas most coaches start from scratch building their client base, you’ll be off to a flying start

additional early bird bonus

As soon as you are accepted onto the September 2021 intake, you’ll be given access to the Little Peace of Mind 6 Week Program and the Deeper Peace of Mind program plus additional materials and calls to support your learning before we even get started.

The first Pre-Course Workshop will be on 23rd November at 3pm Eastern/8pm UK and is open to all who have registered onto the program before this date.


hear what others said...




how do I apply?

Your investment in the Little Peace of Mind Practitioner Program is £7,500.

A non-returnable deposit of £1,500 is required to reserve your spot if you are offered a place, then the remaining payments are spread over the first four months of the program.

Here’s the Little Peace of Mind Practitioner application process.


The Guardians are all Certified Little Peace of Mind Practitioners who have themselves all had their lives changed by the Three Principles Understanding.

They have all completed the Little Peace of Mind Practitioner Program and are working with clients so they know what it feels like to embark on such an epic adventure – the doubts – the jubilation – the mistakes you’re bound to make on the way – the stories of client success.

They are there to support you every step of the way. They are your ‘person’ for the next 12 months.

Laura White Renee Zulich Bron Warner Ruth Harris Susana Vilmer

You can set yourself up as a coach or practitioner with your own website, prices and coaching arrangements. Go find more clients – after all you will have a wealth of experience by the time you certify. PLUS you’ll be on the Little Peace of Mind website as a recommended coach – our clients will be sent to this list when they ask us for 1:1 coaching. No referral fees to pay to us – clients make all arrangements with you directly.

We’re simply grateful to have wonderful Practitioners to share with our clients.

You need to be someone whose life has been touched and changed as a result of learning the Three Principles, and experienced a profound change as a result. It’s helpful if you have experience in your own life with anxiety and stress, but not essential as long as you have compassion those struggling with this.

You must be up for a crazy packed 12 months of fun and challenge and be fully committed to every element of the training 🙂

Your successful completion of the training means you’ll be listed on our website as a recommended Little Peace of Mind Practitioner with a link to your own website for 12 months.

Following that, there will be an annual fee of £200 (plus VAT) to remain as a listed Practitioner.

You’ll need clear your diary completely for the retreats (no squeezing in work meetings between sessions!). The four coaching and mentoring calls will be 60 minutes each and you must also set aside time to re-listen to your submitted coaching call before we speak. The Q&A calls that you are invited to run are 60 minutes each and each of the 60 coaching calls will also be an hour.

Yes. This program requires a hefty time commitment!

I want to take all thinking about money off the table for you. And the clients 🙂

With that in mind, each client will be asked to donate £10 to the Hunger Project charity to be eligible for a session with you.

I don’t imagine this happening as I’m trying to make sure I bring the right people on board for this but yes. I can withdraw your Practitioner position at my discretion. If you’re an arse.  If you do anything illegal, unethical or unkind (also comes under the ‘being an arse’ category. If you are offered a place on the training you’ll be sent a contract that explains what ‘being an arse’ is in fancy legal terms. If any of these situations arise, of course we’ll talk about it first, but my decision as to whether you can continue as a Practitioner will be final.

Ooooooh, I sound very strict! Seriously, I want my Practitioners to be world-class and operate based on love and understanding. Do that and we should be OK.

No problem, email me at [email protected].

Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll explain your options 🙂