I’m so excited to announce the launch of The Little Peace of Mind Podcast!!!

I’m often asked questions such as:

‘What about health anxiety?’

‘What about the stress of being in business?’

‘What about PTSD?’

‘Does this work for nurses?’

‘Does this apply to my situation?’

Well the answer is yes. What I’m pointing to in this blog and in the new podcast (and in fact in all the work I do) applies no matter how your anxiety or stress show up.

I wanted to create a resource full of stories of change to inspire you.

Real people, with real struggles, seeing something new that transforms their relationship with anxiety.

To give you hope, to show you what’s possible.

And so The Little Peace of Mind Podcast is born!

We launch with not one, but FOUR episodes so you can binge-listen to your heart’s content 🙂

There’ll be a new episode every week so click here to subscribe on iTunes or here to subscribe on Stitcher.

My mission is to spread these resources far and wide. There are so many people around the world struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and stress – and they don’t have to be.

So, please take a moment to rate and review any or all of the episodes and share in any groups you might be part of that could benefit from a fresh look at anxiety, and more importantly, mental health.

That makes i-Tunes fall in love with us and there’s more chance we’ll be featured more widely – touching the lives of more people.

Anyway, enough said – here’s the first episode – an introduction if you like – A Fresh Look at Anxiety.