Stop Trying To Have A Pink And Fluffy Life

It’s become incredibly apparent to me recently just how much time, energy, effort and often money we put into trying to create a ‘pink, fluffy life’ where everything is ‘sorted’ and we are finally happy.

But what if we’ve got the ‘goal’ completely wrong?

In this video I share my thoughts on this topic.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but getting comfortable with the whole range of human experience is the fastest way to have anxiety NOT be a big deal.

Confused? The audio below takes this video a step further.

2 thoughts on “Stop Trying To Have A Pink And Fluffy Life”

  1. That was revelationary. And also the Kelly McGonigal TED talk you gave the link for on stress. I remember arguing with a ‘stress’ coach 30 years ago, that I loved the moments of stress in my life, because they made me more alert and prepared. She shot my argument down, but I secretly kept believing but not voicing my belief. So I think what you are saying is that now, when I overlay the 3Ps, I can be stressed, anxious, alert, prepared – or not – and not care less either way. That feels like freedom.

    1. Hey Lesley Ann, I only just saw this comment so apologies for the late reply… I think after we talked this week you could see that you can be stressed, alert and anxious all you are, but what happens when we look in this direction is that we start to experience less of all of the above.

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