First impressions count. When potential clients think about hiring you, your website is the first place they go to find out more about you.

Does yours represent you in the way you’d like?

If not, you’re losing clients. It’s as simple as that.

But if you’re not techy-minded and thought of building your own brings you out in cold sweats, you’re not alone.

that’s why I’m here to do it for you. in the simplest way possible.

My name is Nicola Bird. I’ve been geeking out on websites for a while.

I’ve run a number of successful businesses over the past twenty years. But my guilty pleasure in all of them has been building the websites to support them.

now I’ve given into my passion and I’m creating websites all over the place.


tech geek


business woman




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I believe in

Beautiful & Simple

how does it work?

call me

The first thing that happens is we get on the phone. Share with me the passion you have for what you do. I’ll let you know if I can help. If we decide to go for it, we’ll book a full sixty minutes in to explore your future website ideas.

check in on design

On the day, I’ll send you 2-3 different designs to choose from. Like this bit but not that? Want to add this section to the other page? No problem.

pick a launch date


We book a date, around two weeks from our call. This is your launch date, when we hit the ‘go live’ button with your gorgeous new website.

go live!

Be available online to answer questions, but let me do all the hard work on the day. Once it’s done, you approve and your brand new website goes live!


a litte preparation

We don’t want you overwhelmed, so there are ten simple tasks I ask you to complete, so that I have everything I need to get going.

follow up

Now you have a beautiful website – what’s next? I’ll give you an easy-to-use video guide to your new site alongside ten simple tasks to get your website out there.



Great. Let’s get this thing done! Please book a date below to talk to me and we’ll get your One Day into the diary. Just scroll along until you find a date and time to suit.



No problem – I’d love to see you back here when you are.

Click here for some additional resources that will help you get ready!

remember to keep it

Simple & Beautiful

Reviews & Endorsements

“I had a website but it wasn’t very effective at doing it’s job. Nicola not only created me a whole new professional image with my website, but she did it with a speed that was astonishing”

– John El-Mokadem
how soon can I get started?

Book a call with me and we’ll get your One Day into the diary. It normally takes a couple of weeks for you to prepare so we take that into account when we book your slot.

will you personally work on my site?

Yes, I’m a tech geek and love all things beautiful – of course I’ll be working on your site. I only take on a maximum of eight clients in any month so you can be sure of my personal attention.

what happens after we launch the site?

Don’t worry; we’re building your new website in WordPress which is the easiest platform to use so that you can make changes whenever you like after we go live. I’ll send you a video showing you round your new site and show you what buttons to make changes in a heartbeat.

i still have questions - can i talk to you?

Yes, just use the contact form below – I’d love to talk to you!

Contact me

Not ready to book your One Day yet or still have questions?

Get in touch – I’m happy to answer anything that you’d like to ask.

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