love hearted

A 10-Week Journey Exploring Motherhood, Love and Laughter.

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lessons in motherhood
lessons in motherhood


Our journey through motherhood can be viewed as an opportunity to be the students of a deeper truth about how life really works. What if we looked at our children as teachers rather than problems to be fixed?


Could we know the nature of love more deeply ourselves? Could we find peace with our lives and our children just as they are, without anything needing to change? Impossible? Let’s find out.


It’s all too easy to get very serious when considering our roles as mothers and how are kids are doing. But for now I’m done with taking everything so seriously, let’s find laughter and lightheartedness together as we explore.

how it works

I'll share regular (2-3 times a week) videos of mothering lessons learned each week - along with resources to bring laughter to your mothering day-to-day.
You share your lessons learned - we all learn together. All inside our private Facebook Group.

- facebook group

Each Friday at 1pm UK we'll get together on zoom for lunch, conversation, questions, support and encouragement. There will be just 12 members in this group and my hope is that lifelong friends are made.
No recording in order to allow intimate honest sharing so please only join if you can attend the calls live.

- weekly lunch

let's explore together...

Starting on the 1st February, you’re invited to join this small group of women as we embark on a journey of discovery about what our children are here to teach us.

What each of us will discover will be different and hopefully transformational, and we’ll be looking to share and support each other on this messy journey called motherhood.

Please note: This is a pilot program which means this is probably the most affordable it will ever be, we’ll be co-creating as we go so you get to help me create this from the ground-up as I answer your questions and explore alongside you; I’ll be asking you for feedback and I’ll be the most involved on a day-to-day basis in this version of the program than any future iteration.

For this particular group, it’s preferable that you ideally have children between the ages of 10 and 18 (rather than grown children no longer living at home).

Places are limited to 12.

Your investment £497 

(£100 from each participant will be donated to The Hunger Project on your behalf – a charity that empowers women and girls as the means to ending chronic world hunger)