A Little Peace of Mind

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-Twelve Mini-Masterclasses-


How Anxiety Really Works – the deep dive

The Projector vs the Camera

Being Safe


Ditch the Control Freak – Part One


It Only Works One Way

“I just want it gone.”


Back to Basics – a fresh look at the Principles behind freedom

The Fundamental Gamechanger

What Does Progress Look Like?


Ditch the Control Freak – Part Two

You Can’t Get Enough Of What You Don’t Really Want

A Deeper Conversation

-Weekly Coaching Calls-

Once a week at 3pm Eastern/ 8pm UK on a Monday we’ll get together on a sixty-minute call.

Here you can ask your questions, get coaching and you’ll always hear something new for yourself when listening to others if you prefer to sit quietly during the calls. They take place online so they won’t cost you a thing and you don’t even need to get dressed!

These will be recorded so don’t worry if you have to miss one.

-Facebook Group-

This is your chance to see you’re not alone.

Here’s where you get the support of others who totally understand how you feel, but more importantly, are all looking in the direction of health and well-being.

You can get additional support here from me and the other members of the group, ask your questions and share your insights.

-Your Investment-

The Peace of Mind program is yours for just £197.

That gives you lifetime access to all the modules to listen to as often as you’d like.

I’ve found this to be a safe space to discuss my issues of anxiety that I’ve never spoken to anyone about before, ever. And not only has the program been helpful from the very start, the lightness and compassion within which it is shared has had a huge impact on me and my understanding and has led to profound insights since beginning this program. I am truly grateful for coming across this program x


Nicola, something is changing! I can’t get my head round this but I’ve driven over 100 miles up the motorway today, overtaking lorries all the way. First one was a bit wobbly, but after that I settled and was fine. I don’t think I’ve done anything other than a bit of letting the thought pass. I’m so happy to have been able to do this today.


Just wanted to share positive results after week 1!!

I’ve had anxiety for the past 5 years resulting from a health issue that has now gone but left me fearful. This is very restricting . I fear going out far from home, trains, planes, busy places, work ( feel stuck until 5pm, what if I feel panic and can’t leave) and my worst fear is night time.

This means, I don’t go out at night. I only work part time. I don’t travel far and when I leave the house I have to have all kind of pills on me incase I feel unwell. Always need water and a portable phone charger.

THIS IS amazing… I watched the first video. Felt like something clicked. Went to London a few days later to visit friends for the weekend. No anxiety on the train, no anxiety walking around London. I felt so good I asked my friend if we could go to the pub in the eve. I was amazed. Felt like I was in the moment and didn’t think. Or at least… I didn’t pay too much attention to my thoughts. Thanks, I hope things will stay like this


After a life time of anxiety  (I’m now 46) I feel I hit a peak last year where I knew if I didn’t find someway of getting better then I really was looking a t a terminal condition. I tried so many techniques, but all of them wore me out – when you said in week one that there was nothing I really had to do I nearly cried with relief! I have been so tired of trying to control this thing. Who knew that just relinquishing control could make such a difference. My anxiety was triggered by world events – when I get I’ll I check the news up to fifty times an hour. This trigger will hopefully explain to you why 2016 ended up being so bloody awful for me (it was a pretty shit year for ‘ normal’ folk!) However, now as the world is apparently still going bonkers, I am alright. I check the news, and keep myself informed like a normal person . When I do see an alarming headline, which would have previously sent me into panic and despair, I am able to think ‘ It’s all ok. I cannot tell you how wonderful this is! Just like you I am grateful for the horrors of my anxiety because I am really appreciating how amazing normal feels! I have come this far in just five of your sessions! I am so excited about what is to come!! Thank you xxx


This is your own journey so you will travel at your own speed. You will choose different stops as you go and may reach your destination sooner or later than others but it is not a race.

I have achieved more toward freedom in this programme than I have with medication, counselling, CBT, and many other forms of treatment and though I haven’t stopped my medication or other treatment they have become less important.

I’ve had a year of being “self restricted” to my house and crippled with depression and anxiety.

Being part of this conversation enabled me to leave my house alone at only week 6 of the programe. I did it again at week 7.

Now I’m at week 8 and understand so much more about my own anxiety and I see little glimmers of me that give me hope. I recommend an open mind and stick with the programme even if you don’t get it…..you will.