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Exploring a Completely Different Way of Being in Business


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If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last five years it’s that winging it is the best business strategy there is.


And only then, once we’re truly comfortable with following our own wisdom, are the how-tos helpful (but usually unnecessary).

What if we really stopped looking outside ourselves for answers as to which direction to take our business in next?

Looked to see where the creative flow of life is already beckoning us and followed that?

What if our job was to see the opportunities right under our noses, rather than try to create them ourselves?

Why don’t we always operate this way? Because we forget how life really works, that’s all.






What if you had a mentor to remind you of this – someone who has already created their own successful business this way?

Someone who has the marketing expertise coupled with the knowing of the the hugely powerful potential of this understanding.

Someone who’s learning more all the time, exploring, getting in over her head, messing up, succeeding, deepening her understanding and willing to share it all with you.

I think we could pioneer a completely different way of being in business.

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Would you like a mentor alongside you on your journey?


I know you’re up to something really cool with your business.

You probably wouldn’t have been drawn to look at this page otherwise 🙂

And I also know that you get that bumping into the this completely different understanding about how life works may have rocked the way you go about being in business.

I’ve travelled down that road. Going from having a financially lucrative business then being impacted by this beautiful understanding and floundering around trying to find my footing in this whole new playing field.

I’ve had my eyes opened to a completely different way of being in business, one filled the ability to impact more people coupled with far greater simplicity, ease and grace.

And results are nothing short of breathtaking…

This private mentoring program is designed to point you to that same understanding just waiting there to be realised – allowing the creativity, love and expression that you truly are to express itself in the world.




how does it work?

Coaching & Mentoring





I will be taking on a very small number of business coaching and mentoring clients to work with me privately in this way in 2019.

There are currently three spots remaining.



We’ll meet twice a month for six months on Zoom – bring your business challenges, bring your understanding of how life works and we’ll look at these in addition exploring the following topics together:

=> Entrepreneurial Resilience: Got a great idea, take two steps forward then find yourself going ‘Oh shit! What am I doing?’ and pulling the plug? I’ll help you move beyond that so that you can actually bring all that inspired action into real products and services that serve the people who need them

=> Beating yourself up about the speed of growth? I’ll help you get a fresh perspective on that because after all, having your head full of that crap isn’t really helping, right?

=> Knowing how to navigate: it’s so easy to fall into the ‘got to get it right’ game. I’ll be a continual reminder to look to your own wisdom as you move your business forward over the next 6 months.

=> Discerning the difference between ‘I should do it this way’ and ‘I know to do it that way’. Huge difference. Massive impact on your day-to-day experience of being in business.

=> Overcoming any Obstacle: Find yourself stuck or going round in circles sometimes? We’ll deal with that so you know what to do each every time it comes up.

=> Thriving in Business: There are business owners that succeed with striving, driving and working every hour of the day. Then there are those who do far less and get more done – I’ll be pointing you in this direction.



Once a month, I’ll also listen to up to an hour of your coaching with one of your clients (or a group of them) and we’ll use these as the basis of one of our calls – helping you deepen your understanding.

What you’ve probably already started to see is the world that appears in front of your eyes, the clients you attract, the programs you create and what looks possible are all a reflection of your understanding behind the scenes.

Then you get to navigate what shows up.

Mentoring focusses us on what’s going on behind the scenes – and that changes only everything.



YOur Guide

nicola bird

In 2017, I created a brand new business where I helped clients find freedom from panic attacks, anxiety and stress. I started with no clients, no mailing list, no website and no programs. But I just knew to start.

In the course of that year I built a brand new website that has attracted over a million views, a highly-targeted mailing list of 50,000 people from all over the world, launched a podcast that has so far received over 150,000 downloads, a Facebook Page with 26,000 fans and a maintained a Twitter following of 22,000. I have coached around 2,000 clients both through online programs and individual coaching, signed a publishing deal for my book with Hay House, am currently a mentor on the faculty of Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy and have created multiple six-figures in revenues in revenues since this business began.

Big numbers, I know, but you know what’s more important? The simplicity, ease and grace with which this has happened is COMPLETELY different to the driving, striving and work-really-hard-because-then-you’ll-make-it I used to grow my previous software and coaching business. There’s something different powering my business. Something truly awesome.

It’s THAT that I want to share with other practitioners working to support others so that their work can reach more people while maintaining that sense of beauty, ease and grace.

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still not sure?

 If you’re serious about working with me in this way, please book a 30 minute chat into my diary to see if you’re a fit for the program and to answer any questions you might still have.

All coaching sessions take place between 9am and 3pm UK time, so please ensure you are available at these times before you go any further!