Group Rules and Banning

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The Little Peace of Mind Group and Meetups are welcoming warm places for those experiencing anxiety, stress or panic attacks – or for those who simply want to have conversations with others who connect with the Little Peace of Mind book and resources.

We use rules and guidelines as part of that process. Any member who violates our rules is subject to warning or/and removal from the group.

The activities outlined below are STRICTLY prohibited:

1. Showing up to our events unannounced. Please RSVP to any events you plan to attend. Turning up if you are on the “Waitlist” for an event or if you have not RSVPed without the consent of the host is also not permitted.

2. Bringing unapproved guests to events. For health and safety reasons, only members of our group can attend our events. If there is someone you wish to bring with you, please encourage them to create a Meetup profile and sign up to the event themselves. This is easy, free and they are under no obligation to stay in the group if they decide it’s not for them.
If you want to bring your dog (!) – just check with the  host first of all so that they can let you know if the venue is dog-friendly!

3. Abusive language or aggressive behaviour towards organisers, event hosts, members, guests and the general public. This includes the face-to-face events and inside the group.

4. Any distribution or use of illegal drugs. Please do not bring or use these at any of our events.

5. Verbal, physical, sexual, discriminatory, visual etc. harassment of organisers, event hosts, members, guests and the general public. This includes online harassment via Meetup messages, WhatsApp, SMS etc.

6. Spamming and/or promoting activities, groups or services, whether professional or non-professional, yours or someone else’s. Do NOT spam the comments section of our Meetups or members’ inboxes.

7. Sending overly personal messages, sleazy attempts to flirt – ‘You look lovely in your profile picture’ – you know the kind of thing.

8. Using a fake profile. It’s okay to not want to use your real full name or picture. However, false accounts will be removed. Only real people are permitted to join this group, and itself.

9. Continually RSVPing yes to an event then not attending. This means others that want to attend are denied a place when the event becomes full.

What happens if you break the rules?

First offence: Member is given a verbal or written warning.
Second offence: Member is given a verbal and/or written final warning.
Third offence: Member is banned from the group.

Please note that this is subject to the discretion of organisers. In some circumstances, offending members will be banned without warning and if a crime is being/has been committed, the police will be informed.

If you feel that others in the group are breaking these rules (for example, spamming your inbox or sending you private messages that make you feel uncomfortable), please first request that the member stop and if that doesn’t do the trick, please bring the matter to your Little Peace of Mind Mentor/Organiser.

Your Little Peace of Mind Mentor

Please note most of our Little Peace of Mind Mentors are NOT trained and certified coaches or counsellors. They are all people who have been impacted by the understanding we share here at A Little Peace of Mind and have received training to facilitate events so that open conversation and exploration can be had. Providing 1:1 support is not part of their remit. If you are in a crisis and need immediate support, please click here for resources.


We want to make participating in each Little Peace of Mind Group and event a warm, welcoming and supportive experience. Thank you in advance for sticking to the rules so we can do this for as many as possible.