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Below is a collection of our most frequently asked questions (and answers) to help give you a better idea of what it’s actually like to attend one of our events.

Is this group exclusively for people with anxiety and panic attacks?

No, many of us have had an experience with panic attacks and anxiety and for some members this is part of their daily experience – we know how you feel and we welcome you! But if you’re wanting to find a group of people near you that you can have the kind of conversations we’re interested in having here at A Little Peace of Mind – then come along!

Is the Little Peace of Mind Mentor who is running my group a trained coach or counsellor?

The majority of our Mentors are NOT trained coaches or counsellors. Instead they are volunteers who have usually had their own experience of anxiety and stress, and through what they’ve learned here at A Little Peace of Mind have found themselves with a completely changed relationship to their anxiety. A handful ARE trained coaches however their role at the Meetup events is simply to arrange the events, make sure you feel welcome, facilitate conversation and keep you pointed in the right direction to see more for yourself during the events.

Please do not approach them for individual support outside of the group meetings – as volunteers we want to be respectful of the time they are committing.

But what if I’m really struggling and I feel like I can’t wait until the next event to talk to someone?

We have suggested some additional resources here if you are in need of immediate support: https://alittlepeaceofmind.co.uk/meet-up/in-crisis

How long do events typically last for?

Usually around 2 hours. However, feel free to drop in for as little as 10 minutes if you like. Whatever you feel most comfortable doing. And sometimes we’re there until closing time:)

How many people usually attend each event?

It truly varies from event to event. However, as a rough guide, our attendance rate is usually about 50%-75% of the RSVP list. Sp, if 20 people RSVP “Yes”, then its reasonable to assume that about 12-15 people will actually show up.

Will I be expected to share my background and experiences of what makes me anxious?

Not at all. We’re actually all about talking about peace of mind and where that lies, rather than spending our time together discussing symptoms. This is unlike any other ‘anxiety’ group you’ve come across before!