A little peace of mind

the 6 week program

Hi, I’m Nicola Bird.

Chances are that you’ve heard something here at A Little Peace of Mind that’s resonated with you and you just know there’s something here for you that’s helpful.

Or maybe you’ve just found your way here as a result of one of my videos or a friend sent you to this page.

If you’re living with fear, worry and stress right now, you’re in the right place and I’m so pleased you’ve found your way here.

Here’s the chance to spend six weeks going step-by-step through everything that has created such transformation in my own life and that of thousands of my clients.

Say goodbye to worry, anxiety and stress.

They’re the LAST thing we need in our lives right now.

Say hello to peace of mind.

Yes. That is possible – no matter WHAT is going on in your life specifically or the world in general.

Looking forward to getting to know you better.

how does it work?

12 masterclasses

Starting next Monday, you’ll receive two new Masterclasses from me each week as we go step-by-step through the Little Peace of Mind 6 Week Program.

These are in both video and audio format and are delivered in our easy-to-use portal every Monday and Friday so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to take part.

You can watch on your computer, tablet or phone.

Each has been designed to take you step-by-step through everything that’s made such a difference to me and so many of my clients.

Simply watch, listen and reflect.

Here are just some of the modules you’ll receive:

Each Monday, for each of the 6 weeks at 3pm Eastern/ 8pm UK, you’ll get together with me or one of the coaches on my team  for a call with everyone else currently in the program. Every one of these coaches has experienced their own journey through anxiety to freedom, exploring exactly what you’ll be learning during these 6 weeks and has since completed professional training to share their understanding with others.

Simply click the link I’ll send you and you’ll be connected via your computer, tablet or phone to our online zoom meeting room (it’s very easy to use).

Here you can ask your questions, get coaching and you’ll always hear something new for yourself when listening to others if you prefer to sit quietly during the calls.

These will be recorded so don’t worry if you have to miss one – or if your timezone means getting there live is impossible.

weekly support


In our Little Peace of Mind Facebook Group, you’ll have the chance  to see you’re not alone.

Here’s where you get to ask all your questions and receive the support of others who totally understand how you feel, but more importantly, are all looking in the direction of health and well-being.

You’ll find others that have trodden the path you’re about to go down and have found their own mental health and wellbeing and will also help to show you the way forwards. They bring hope. Their stories show you what’s possible.

Wherever you’re at right now, whatever it feels like you’re up against, there will be someone here that knows how you feel.

But this isn’t a place to commiserate about how awful it all is. Instead it’s a place full of inspiration, hope and wellbeing.

how change really happens

bonus training

Many people tell me: “Nicola, I’m prepared to put the work in. I have tried tapping/affirmations/deep breathing/yoga (insert technique of choice) and I’ve done everything I’ve been told but none of it is providing me with a long term solution.

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that how change REALLY happens is far simpler than you think.

There’s a lot less work to do, in fact there are NO techniques or practices that I’ll teach you in the Little Peace of Mind Program.

Instead we take a completely different approach to understanding anxiety.

This new bonus video: How Change Really Happens will be waiting for you as soon as you sign up to show you a far more effortless way to move forwards with simplicity, ease and grace

when does it start?

still not sure?

James experienced chronic and severe anxiety which he thought was a result of the traffic noise outside of his house.


Good question, especially as my guess is you’ve tried everything else you can find to shift this problem. Here’s my answer. If you find yourself drawn to this page, it’s already ‘working’ 🙂

You’ve heard something inside you that is pulling you towards health. The aim of this program is to continue that journey – through the facilitation of your own insights.

Can we guarantee you’ll get the insight you want during the next 6 weeks?


Will being in this conversation considerably tilt the odds in your favour?


And here’s my promise to you. If you decide to join the program and at the end of the six weeks you’re not completely happy that you did, let me know within 2 weeks of the end of the program and I will refund you 100%.

Then this is NOT the right program for you. We do have a follow-on program for graduates of our core Programs – contact us to learn more.

The weekly clinic calls run at 3pm Eastern/ 8pm UK each Monday as I try to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

If you can’t make the calls live, don’t worry, there will a replay of each call available within 24 hours.

Here’s the thing ALL anxiety is made of the same ‘stuff’ – insecure thinking that we’ve innocently taken to be real and true.

Most of us live in a simple misunderstanding and it really looks like (insert the thing it looks like you’re up against) can make us feel a certain way. When we correct this misunderstanding, when we see how our human experiences really get created and who and what we are underneath all that noise – the completely healthy, unbreakable part of us – there’s something about seeing that which means instead of trying to ‘manage’ our anxiety or symptoms, the anxiety somehow seems to dissolve away.

Everything else I’ve personally come across in this field is an attempt to help us deal with our anxious thinking. As long as we keep tapping, saying our affirmations, doing the scary stuff anyway or meditating, we can hold the anxiety at bay.

That is exhausting. And impossible.

What I do is different in that I point you in a direction upstream of your anxious thinking. To what’s actually causing it. Understand and resolve that and bam! No techniques required. I promise you there is ALWAYS less to do than you think. Which should come as a relief – you control freak! ( said with love as a recovered one)

I have a BSC in Psychology and an MSC in Occupational Psychology. I’m a trained Master Transformational Coach and have been coaching individuals for nearly twenty years.

But I believe what’s more relevant is I’ve been where you’re at. And I’m 100% through the other side. It’s this combination that I believe makes what I have to offer you unique and valuable.

No problem! Just click here to contact me and ask away – my team and I are always happy to hear from you.

here's what others had to say

Sandra’s anxiety was all around going to shops, to other busy places and just seeing other people.

Emma felt extremely uncomfortable leaving her house, hard when you have 2 small children.

Like many people, I had spent years trying to fix me. I had almost resigned myself to my life being the best it was ever going to get; but I knew I was being short changed. Now I feel like the butterfly has emerged from the chrysalis. There’s colour in my world, a song in my heart and wind in my sails. I can sleep, I’m at peace and I feel truly happy; and yet nothing in my life has changed: just me! I will forever be grateful to Nicola, her team and all the members of A Little Peace of Mind who have shared their thoughts and experiences and given advice. You cannot put a price on being given your life back ❤️
After struggling really badly for over 10 years, with what I thought was unresolved grief from losing my sister, and Mum I stumbled upon Nicola's programme and joined up...Slowly but surely everything she said made complete sense to me. I feel completely different now, I no longer search to try and fix myself, as i now know I was never even broken in the first place. The pain of loss has been replaced with pure gratitude of living in the moment! 100% recommend this life changing programme.
I’m feeling so much better than I have in the last seven years thanks to A Little Peace of Mind. I don’t need to do the hard sell on this. It just works and all you have to do is listen and let go while Nicola eases you through the understanding. Best thing I ever did for myself.
This program is the answer to it all. This is the shift. When you start to get a true understanding of how we really work, it takes load off the table. You start to change and shift. It has taken me down a road of more of my spirituality and meaning to life. I can’t thank you enough Nicola for this wonderful program 💜
There are times when something impacts your life so profoundly that words don’t even do it justice . At the same time you want to find those words so you can share and pass along your experience with others . You want others who have walked the same lonely path of anxiety to not be afraid anymore , to not be alone and to not give up hope ! Finding A Little Peace of Mind and Nicola Bird has changed my life so profoundly. All by joining and listening to the 12 week program. after years of trying everything to escape the grip anxiety had on me. I have my life back , I am no longer a prisoner to my anxiety, I get to be present again and loving life! If you have heard any of Nicola words and they provided you a flicker of hope... then keep listening and don’t give up. Come join this supportive community that has grown to be my family from around the globe who wraps you in a warm embrace, reaches out a hand when your in need . All you need to do is listen to the words and be open to consider could this be true. what I have gained through insight by being part of little peace of mind I now know none has to suffer from mental illness or anxiety. Anyone can have this gift of wellness and freedom. I wish there were no more victims of anxiety . This program points you in the right direction to find what you have always been looking for! I will be filled with gratitude for a lifetime and beyond for clicking that button that day to join ALPOM . My gratitude to Nicola for stepping out and sharing this gift with as many people as she can! Can’t say enough however I can say if you do nothing else... join ALPOM! ❤️❤️
I can't believe it has been a year now since I started this program and I have my life back!!! No more morning dread and an endless list of body symptoms. Thanks to this understanding I no longer take my life, and the feelings of being anxious so seriously, knowing they will pass and all is well. Thank you Nicola and ALPOM for showing me the way......life is to be lived loudly, proudly and anxiety free. 😃😃
Just this August, after years without, this is what I did : Broadway show, two full length films on TV, a two hour hike in the heat, driving to JFK airport and back. No issues before, during, after. This program is a freaking miracle!
This isn’t just another one of those ‘magic fixes’, this truly is the path to freedom from anxiety. During my journey with Nicola I have discovered a completely new perspective on life. My mind is quieter and everything looks more hopeful and exciting. And all just through listening and being open to change.
Simply life changing! I no longer blame my external world for the way that I feel I see that it is all just thought that can change in a minute. I am content and at peace with whatever is going on in my life. So grateful to Nicola and her team.
If I could, I'd buy this program and give it to my 25 year old self. At 49 I've finally found the freedom that I was searching for under every rock for the past 24 years. It's not a fix or a thing to do. It's taking a course on anxiety and watching as it's power over you slides away the more you understand it. It's freedom.
After a life time of anxiety (I'm now 46) I feel I hit a peak last year where I knew if I didn't find someway of getting better then I really was looking a t a terminal condition. I tried so many techniques, but all of them wore me out - when you said in week one that there was nothing I really had to do I nearly cried with relief! I have been so tired of trying to control this thing. Who knew that just relinquishing control could make such a difference. My anxiety was triggered by world events - when I get I'll I check the news up to fifty times an hour. This trigger will hopefully explain to you why 2016 ended up being so bloody awful for me (it was a pretty shit year for ' normal' folk!) However, now as the world is apparently still going bonkers, I am alright. I check the news, and keep myself informed like a normal person . When I do see an alarming headline, which would have previously sent me into panic and despair, I am able to think ' It's all ok.’ I cannot tell you how wonderful this is! Just like you I am grateful for the horrors of my anxiety because I am really appreciating how amazing normal feels! I have come this far in just five of your sessions! I am so excited about what is to come!! Thank you xxx
I can't even describe how A Little Peace of Mind has changed me as a person, I had tried everything but to no avail, I started on this journey 11 months ago, quiet honestly expecting nothing to change it was just another way of somebody exploiting people with anxiety issues like we have seen so many adverts for, but I couldn't have been further from the truth, this programme has given me back my life, my family, my friends, as every living moment was consumed with my thoughts, and my actions followed, I honestly couldn't see the wood for the trees, trying to put into words what Nicola and the team have done is near impossible. It's a freedom that had been lost, a life that existed ...... not lived. Every day just led into the next with no purpose or meaning, that is all gone now, I can't wait to embrace life good or bad, this programme has shown me how to do this, and the support on line is brilliant, Please don't hesitate in making change possible, you will not regret it, this programme does work and because most of the team have stood in our shoes they understand what we are going through, help is always there if you need it. Here's to new beginnings. X
This isn’t just another one of those ‘magic fixes’, this truly is the path to freedom from anxiety. During my journey with Nicola I have discovered a completely new perspective on life. My mind is quieter and everything looks more hopeful and exciting. And all just through listening and being open to change.
Nicola, something is changing! I can't get my head round this but I've driven over 100 miles up the motorway today, overtaking lorries all the way. First one was a bit wobbly, but after that I settled and was fine. I don't think I've done anything other than a bit of letting the thought pass. I'm so happy to have been able to do this today.
So, so glad Nicola's programme popped up on my Facebook newsfeed. Helping me deal with anxiety and see it in a whole new light is actually the bonus... this programme has taught me so much more and continues to do so. I'm staying in this conversation indefinitely. I have become so much more at home with myself and peaceful than I ever was before. Nicola and her team are amazing, I highly recommend this on so many levels 💕💕
I joined this program knowing I was being led by my anxieties in life and not experiencing freedom of choice. What Nicola showed me was how I was missing a piece of understanding, so simple and yet so profound. It has been a wonder filled journey and it was a sheer relief to be guided along the way in such an easygoing manner with no judgement whatsoever. I would recommend this program to anybody wanting a deeper understanding of how every human being experiences life and how to enjoy the ride of life along the way! A heartfelt thank you to Nicola
So this morning an amazing thing happened. I had to get to St Pancras station and I agreed to 'try' to go on the tube - Victoria line from Vauxhall. 7 stops deep underground. A few brief moments of discomfort but no panic. Can't believe it. 6 weeks ago I wouldn't have entertained the idea. Thank you so much Nicola you really have changed my life x
Just wanted to share positive results after week 1!! I've had anxiety for the past 5 years resulting from a health issue that has now gone but left me fearful. This is very restricting . I fear going out far from home, trains, planes, busy places, work ( feel stuck until 5pm, what if I feel panic and can't leave) and my worst fear is night time. This means, I don't go out at night. I only work part time. I don't travel far and when I leave the house I have to have all kind of pills on me incase I feel unwell. Always need water and a portable phone charger. THIS IS amazing... I watched the first video. Felt like something clicked. Went to London a few days later to visit friends for the weekend. No anxiety on the train, no anxiety walking around London. I felt so good I asked my friend if we could go to the pub in the eve. I was amazed. Felt like I was in the moment and didn't think. Or at least... I didn't pay too much attention to my thoughts. Thanks, I hope things will stay like this
Game changing, life changing...peace of mind can be obtained if you truly become aware that thoughts are just illusions, are not real and are not who you are 💙🤗 Can't believe it. 6 weeks ago I wouldn't have entertained the idea. Thank you so much Nicola you really have changed my life x
So I'm not totally sure why this program works it just does. So much so that my Dr. Wants me to start wearing me off my medication. Nicola and shannon are wonderful leaders and James and Maryse are wonderful as well. All I can say is open your ears and just listen. Don't bother trying to figure things out its not worth the energy . Go with the flow. Key word being flow. The program also offers support from all of its members .