Just Living Life

This post is by our guest blogger and Little Peace of Mind graduate, Amie Joof.

Here Amie shares her story of change…..

Hey guys,

I just thought I’d check in with you all and give you a little update! I’ve been a lot quieter on here but that’s honestly because I’ve just been living life. After months and months of not being able to leave the house and being in constant panic & feelings of depression, I can honestly say my life looks SO much different now. The principles show up everywhere and it’s changed everything for me. I will share with you the things that are happening a result of this conversation..

• I go out pretty much everyday, 95% of the time with no thinking about it and if I do have thoughts about it, it passes within minutes.

• I go on motorways all the time now, sometimes feel scared, sometimes don’t, never really matters.

• I am genuinely not scared by any feeling anymore. Anxiety, sadness, depersonalisation etc. Things that used to terrify me I feel absolutely no fear towards.

• I don’t take anything personally! I don’t remember the last time I felt anger “caused” by another person. I see we’re all just really in our own little thought created worlds, why would I be angry over someone else’s thoughts?

• I feel happy with where I am now. The present moment. I still have goals for example going back to work, but I’m happy without a job and I can honestly say that I know whether I have a job or not doesn’t make a difference to my wellbeing.

• I sleep so well. I don’t have vivid dreams anymore, I don’t wake up at 4 and I don’t wake up in a panic.

• After vomiting daily for 4 months and being on medication for it, my GP has stopped the anti sickness medication as I haven’t felt or been sick once in 2 months.

• I’ve decreased my medication to the lowest dose (I never thought I’d do this in a million years)

• Last but not least, the best one for me, is that my head is so quiet! I don’t overthink everything anymore, my mind doesn’t make up scenarios and it doesn’t get stuck on things anymore, my mind flows so beautifully now, it’s a beautiful place up there in my head!

My whole entire life has changed, coming into this understanding is the best thing I have ever done. I just feel safe now, I don’t feel threatened anymore. I was so stuck in the illusion of being petrified by my feelings whereas now I don’t actually find anything scary, not even the things I found the scariest, because I know it’s all just one big story perceived by Amie. I’m so at peace.

I wanted to give up before and I’m so glad I never, because look what was just around the corner. Keep going guys ????