Would you like some extra help?

**Special Offer Until Midnight Tonight**

Hi, it’s Nicola here.

I really hope you’ve enjoying your 30 Day Self-Study Program. You might be wondering if there is a way you can get some additional support to get your questions answered and keep you on track as you move through the videos.

With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to join us each Monday at 3pm Eastern/ 8pm UK for a live coaching call where me, or one of my coaches, will be available to provide additional teaching, support and answer any questions you might have and help you stay focussed on moving through the materials each day.

(And yes, you can send in your questions and recordings will be made available to you if you can’t make it live).

There is no charge at all to attend these bonus calls for the next four weeks if you sign up by midnight tonight and at the end of that time you can either choose to cancel or simply continue on attending the calls for £30 a month for as long as you wish..

The Monday Q&A calls are such a great opportunity to get personal coaching. They also help to build a great sense of community within ALPOM, we can get to know others in the programs and watch as their stories change. I’ve never been involved with such a friendly and supportive group and the calls help to make it a family.


Sign Me Up!

You’ll be charged nothing to attend these calls for the next month. After that month, £30 will be automatically be charged each month for as long as you want to keep attending the calls. There’s a whole heap of new videos etc available to you as part of this membership too, but I’ll tell you about those later!

You can cancel at any point – that way you can stay just as long as you need to.

The weekly Q and A calls are amazing – they provide a whole new level of connection to Nicola and Tania and this lovely supportive group. You never need to feel pressure to raise your hand (or even be visible if you’d rather not) but the opportunity is always there – so you can ask your questions. It’s so reassuring and a lovely way to reinforce the fact that you are not on this journey alone 💖


The calls provide an opportunity to grasp more tiny bits of the Principles, and keeps us in the conversation about what they are, and how they are showing up in life. You can’t understand the principles by studying them, we need continual exposure by listening to those that see what we can not yet see. It’s an hour of hope and healing..


The group calls help you to realise you are not on your own with your thoughts and feelings. It may be a different guise but essentially we are all the same. You can learn so much more about our experience by listening to others in that we are not emotionally involved so we “hear” things we might not otherwise. You don’t have to actively participate if you don’t want to but by watching and listening you deepen your understanding. 💕


What I’ve always loved about the live calls is you get to share what you’re seeing with someone who can then help you see a little bit more

It means you’re not just watching a video and then mumbling to yourself about what you heard with the intellect then talking over you with it’s “no’s” and “don’t get its”

Your wisdom gets to connect to the coaches' wisdom and you get a little clearer as she nudges you in the right direction

That’s the magic 🎩