Want Your Anxiety Gone?

Hi, my name is Nicola Bird and I want to share with you a completely revolutionary approach to dissolving anxiety forever.

I know how you feel, because I’ve been there. But not any more.

After over 20 years of searching for a way to ‘just have anxiety be gone’, I found something completely different to anything I had heard before, and so I created this audio to share with you.

What I learned took me from not being able to leave my own house because of panic attacks and fear, to taking my daughter to DisneyLand without a glimpse of fear.

It’s completely free to listen to and in it you’ll hear me explain:

=> What anxiety really is and where it comes from

=> Why tapping, cognitive behavioural therapy and ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ are unnecessary

=> A revolutionary new approach that means you no longer have to ‘control’ your anxiety

=> What’s possible for you in life once anxiety is truly gone

 How I went from being a control freak shrinking my world further and further to one where I experience a freedom I never knew was possible

I hope you find this brings you hope.