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Fresh Flowers & Inspiration for



Simple. Inspirational. Meaningful.


You probably spend hours each day at your desk…


What if that space could be feminine, elegant, beautiful and inspiring?

And if it gave you a simple way to contribute and give back?

Beautify your Desk

Fresh flowers turn your desk in a place where you can feel inspired again.

It doesn’t need to be all post-it notes, whiteboards and and wallplanners – bring the beauty back to your desk.

Beautify your Videos

Doing Facebook lives? Creating videos? Simply need a beautiful instagram shot?

Having fresh flowers to hand adds that perfect elegant backdrop into any video you feel inspired to create.


Beautify your Business

Pushing, striving, trying to race to the top? Flowers remind of us our innate natural graceful and calm energy. 

That the the journey is every bit as rewarding as the destination. That it’s not a race. That there is time to literally smell the roses on the way.



£29 /month



Three Simple Reasons Why


Letterbox Flowers


Each month, you’ll receive a fresh bouquet of hand-selected flowers directly to your door. They’ll fit through your letterbox so no worries if you’re busy on the school run, or on a call with a client. All our bouquets arrive on a Monday to last you through the working week and beyond.


Millioniare Memoirs

I built my own business from zero to $1million in turnover and learned a whole heap in the process.

Each month along with your flowers, I’ll include a letter sharing wisdom to inspire you on your own entrepreneurial path.

Here’s your chance to grab a cup of tea, take 20 minutes for yourself and get re-inspired.

Give Something Back


I’ve met many entrepreneurs on my journey that want to find a way to give back. I wanted to make that simple and easy for you so 10% of all proceeds are donated to the Hunger Project, an organisation that aims to end chronic world hunger by the empoowerment of women and children in their local villages.