Simplicity in Business Retreat

For: entrepreneurs, coaches and small business owners who want more simplicity, ease and grace

Twice the productivity with half the effort and none of the stress. That’s what’s on offer as an outcome from this Simplicity in Business retreat.

Bring your toughest business challenges and over the course of four days I’ll help you see more clearly what’s really going on.

Whether it’s growth and scaling, team issues, an issue you’ve been grappling with for years or work-life balance – what would your day look like if these were no longer limitations?

Together with up to five other business owners and entrepreneurs, we’ll explore a fundamental understanding that results in an experience of more simplicity, ease and grace.

I’ll also share with you what I’ve seen on my own journey:

From being a high-achieving, go-getting, action-taking, driven individual with no time for family or friends…to a life where my business seems to grow itself effortlessly and with ease.

What I’ve seen has had a direct impact on my bottom line. And resulted in profound sense of peace and enjoyment of life as it is in THIS moment.

Just imagine……

The retreat will begin at 3pm on Sunday 12th January 2020 and finish by lunchtime on Thursday 16th January.

Why five days? In my experience, there’s something very special that happens when we have the chance to work together over a solid block of time in person – we can get to the same place in five days that it can take months to achieve with the usual weekly session format.

And with a maximum of 6 participants, this will be a very intimate and personally tailored experience.

Think of it as the difference between taking weekly driving lessons and instead doing an intensive driving course.

The retreat will take place at the luxury Foxhills Country Hotel in Surrey- named ‘one of the best resorts in Britain’ by the Independent with its grounds for walking, golf and spa facilities at this beautiful, peaceful venue.

Four nights of accommodation and breakfast are included in the price of the retreat – along with access to all the hotel’s facilities.

Your retreat will be followed up with 1 x 60 minute call.

The retreat is £3,000

To reserve your spot, a £1000 non-returnable deposit is required. Simply click ‘book now’ on the right to do that and select your full-pay or payment plan option.

Alternatively, if you are happy with the dates and level of investment, please click here to arrange a call so that we can explore whether you might be a fit for the program.


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Jan 12 2020 - Jan 16 2020




Foxhills Country Club, Surrey
Nicola Bird


Nicola Bird