Lighthearted Parents Retreat

For: Parents and Grandparents (no matter what age your children!)

There is a simple yet profound understanding about what makes humans tick that has the potential to transform every element of having a child, and being one.

What if you, as a parent, could learn how to transform your parenting from shouting, threatening and nagging to a relationship with your child where none of that was required?

What if your anxious/ badly behaved/ struggling child could be helped just by YOU understanding what is taught here? Without even having to get them involved?

Imagine a family where both you and your children knew where true happiness really came from and were able to tap into that whenever required? What would it be like if you stopped having to ‘fix’ them?

How about if you truly saw how completely unbreakable your children are? If you could see how they (and you) are naturally designed to bounce back. Would that change how you handled the latest upset?

Our children have an unlimited potential for thriving and success. When we talk and engage with that part of our loved ones, guess what we get? A child who can flourish in any circumstance – whatever life may throw at them.

Also includes access to the 6-part Lighthearted Parents online program.

The retreat will begin at 4pm on Sunday 15th March 2020 and finish by lunchtime on Thursday 19th March.

Why five days? In my experience, there’s something very special that happens when we have the chance to work together over a solid block of time in person – we can get to the same place in five days that it can take months to achieve with the usual weekly session format.

And with a maximum of 6 participants, this will be a very intimate and personally tailored experience.

Think of it as the difference between taking weekly driving lessons and instead doing an intensive driving course.

The retreat will take place at the luxury Foxhills Country Hotel in Surrey- named ‘one of the best resorts in Britain’ by the Independent with its grounds for walking, golf and spa facilities at this beautiful, peaceful venue.

Four nights of accommodation and breakfast are included in the price of the retreat – along with access to all the hotel’s facilities.

Your retreat will be followed up with 1 x 60 minute call.

The retreat is £3,000

To reserve your spot, a £1000 non-returnable deposit is required. Simply click ‘book now’ on the right to do that and select your full-pay or payment plan option.

Alternatively, if you are happy with the dates and level of investment, please click here to arrange a call so that we can explore whether you might be a fit for the program.


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Mar 15 2020 - Mar 19 2020




Foxhills Country Club, Surrey
Nicola Bird


Nicola Bird