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Jun 29 2020 - Jul 01 2020


10:00 am - 4:00 pm



Life Blossoms

For those who want to realise this understanding more fully in their lives.

There’s a simple understanding about how human beings really work that changes everything.

That brings us a renewed passion for our work, deepens our friendships and brings more love into our families.

That means we can stop thinking about our thinking and fully engage in our lives.

And allow them to fully blossom.


For those who want to share their understanding with others.

Chances are your life has already been touched by the understanding that we share here at A Little Peace of Mind and you’d like to share what has made a difference for you with others.

It’s a natural next step given the filling up of love and gratitude that seems to go hand in hand with finding a comfort in our own skins and touching a peace of mind we never imagined possible.

What if you didn’t have to give it all up and re-train as a coach to do that?

What if you could have more impact in the world through fully engaging with your life right now than any amount of ‘teaching’ others could do?

What if your blossoming understanding could be supported to fully bloom, and simply through that light up the lives of those around you?

It’s even simpler than you might think. 

My retreat with Nicola was nothing short of transformatory for me.

As a long standing sufferer’of health anxiety, I had pretty much tried everything to try and rationalise how I was feeling and constantly trying to manage my thinking to achieve a different calmer outcome.

Insight after insight were dropped for me across the days we spent together and I can honestly say that, whilst I know that life will bring me ups and downs, challenges and grief on occasion, that I am always safe, I will always be OK, my wisdom will show up always when I need it and I will only ever look upstream from now on.

I would absolutely recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking for real relief from stress as these insights are profound and lifelong. Changing your relationship with thought and finding that inner peace is beyond precious.


an invitation


I’d like to invite you to work with with myself and my colleague John El-Mokadem over a period of three days to completely transform the way you show up to  your life and those around you.

What would it be like to engage in your work with twice the productivity, half the effort and none of the stress? And bring that to the other members of your team just through the way you show up.

What would it be like to have a deeper and more profound connection with every member of your family? And so wake up the common sense, resilience and love inside of each one of them?

How would it be to deepen our connection to your ‘real-life’ friends and build fulfilling and rewarding relationships? And help them fall more in love with their lives without ever breathing a word about the Principles.

We’ll spend a day on each of these three area and show you how simple this can really be.

Just wanted to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to say how much I have not only enjoyed the past few days but also to explain how much I have got out of it.

The world appears to be really different today. 

When I stumbled across your work I knew it was the right path for me however I wasn’t sure just how much it would resonate (when you are a busy thinker you think nothing will) however the past few days have opened up a whole new world of calm to me. 

My mind feels quiet – I have a complete understanding of how “things” work.  I can’t even explain it really but what I do know is that I feel lighter, brighter and more here. I feel liberated and free for the first time in a long time. 

Feel so tired and relaxed I can’t keep my eyes open but a lovely tired like nothing is on me… xxx”


how does it work?


.Over the course of three days, we’ll lay it all out on the table – where you’d like to make a difference – who you’d like to be able to support.  And we’ll make it all so much simpler.

Why three days?  In my experience, there’s something very special that happens when we have the chance to work together over a focussed period of time in person – we can get to the same place in three days that it can take months to achieve with the usual weekly coaching session format.

Think of it as the difference between taking weekly driving lessons and instead doing an intensive driving course.

The Intensive virtually via zoom  – we’ve run retreats this way before you’ll get to experience an unexpected connection and intimacy – all from the comfort of your own home.

Places are limited to a maximum of 8 participants for an intimate and personal experience.

Your investment for the From Blossom to Bloom retreat is £997.

This includes a non-refundable deposit of £497.

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