Episode 71: Sharing What We See with Michael Neill

In today’s podcast, Michael Neill and I discuss his new book Supercoach.

This is an update to Michael’s original book that was released ten years ago to reflect more accurately his current level of understanding about where our experience comes from and how knowing this means we can more easily create cool shit in the world (his words!)

Written as a kind of self-coaching guide, the original Supercoach book was one of my earliest forays into Michael’s work so it was great to have the opportunity to quiz him on all things inside the book.

We talk about

  • How Michael’s own journey is reflected through each of his books
  • Why it’s even relevant that people know where their experience is coming from
  • Why sometimes it seems like more of us and sometimes as of less of us in the game is what’s required
  • Why Michael has included practical exercises (shock, horror!!) in the Supercoach book
  • The Thermostat Metaphor

And much, much more!

Michael being Michael, there is swearing in this podcast so please cover little ears while listening!

Listen below or click here to listen on iTunes or here to listen on Stitcher.

You can buy Supercoach here:

And Michael’s website with the companion course to the book can be found here: https://www.michaelneill.org/