Episode 64: Space of Love with Gayle Nobel

In this week’s podcast, I talk with Gayle Nobel about her experience of raising her son Kyle, who has autism.

And what ensued was a wonderful rich conversation about what happens when life turns out differently than we had imagined it would do so is conversation relevant for all of us.

“Space of Love brings a powerful message of hope to those living with autism. However, the message reaches far beyond that to anyone who, in the face of unexpected adversity and an uncertain future, has longed for a practical and profound path to living in the Space of Love more than they had dreamt possible.

Gayle Nobel has written with gritty honesty, humility and wisdom about the bumps and potholes she has traversed, often more than once, on her journey. Believe me, you will not regret traveling with her and sharing the sights and insights she shares with you along the way.

—William F. Pettit Jr., MD, psychiatrist and student and sharer of the Three Principles since 1983

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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You can contact Gayle via her website here: https://www.gaylenobel.com/

And buy her book on Amazon here: