Episode 62: Weightless with Karen DiMarco

In this episode you’ll hear me talking to Karen DiMarco about how to take the weight of our bodies off our minds.

This post popped up on my facebook feed yesterday from 6 years ago. Honestly, 25 years of thinking about what to eat, how to exercise, whether this is a ‘good’ meal or a ‘bad’ meal, just f@cking do it, this time it will work, I’ll start on Monday.

Not. Any. More. Since this conversation with Karen.

You’ll hear me sounding slightly insane talking about the amount of thinking I have had about food and how much I weigh without even realising it and how so many of us are literally thinking ourselves fat.

So if you, like me, are fed up of white-knuckling through the latest diet fad and beating yourself up about not going to the gym, you’ll find this refreshingly insightful.

She also shares details of her new upcoming Weightless program right at the end of the episode so make a note to listen to this one sooner rather than later.


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