Episode 4: Do Less Better with Michael Neil

I created this episode with one of the mentors on my journey from whom I have learned the most.

When I discovered the Principles that I teach and share here at A Little Peace of Mind, Michael Neill was the coach at my side during my own transformation from being limited by anxiety to finding a freedom from it – and for that I’ll be forever grateful to him.

We recorded this episode together initally to help busy-minded stressed out entrepreneurs understand a completely different way of considering the link between effort and results. In his words – how to do less better.

But when I listened back to the audio, I saw how relevant it is to anyone who’s trying to create something in the world – be that a family, a piece of art, a business or life for themselves free of anxiety.

We push, we think we have to do more to see more.

What if that were simply untrue?

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You can find out more about Michael’s work and download a whole heap of free resources here: https://www.michaelneill.org/