Episode 39: Living in a Quieter Mind with Dicken Bettinger

Dicken Bettinger is currently my own mentor in this conversation about how all human beings really work.

Today we talk about how incredibly simple it is to drop out of our frantic busy thinking, to stop trying to figure life out and how to be at peace no matter what is going on in your thinking.

As one of my clients, who was invited to listen in on the call, remarked at the end of the creation of this: “Dicken is like happiness in form’.

If you’ve heard the expression: Listen for the feeling – you’ll understand what that actually means after virtually hanging out with Dicken for the next hour.


Listen below or click here to listen on iTunes and here to listen on Stitcher.

You can find out more about Dicken, his video and upcoming events by visiting his website here: http://3principlesmentoring.com/index.html