Episode 26: Always Less To Do Than You Think

“What do I have to do to GET this so it makes a difference to my anxiety today?” is a question I’m often asked.

My answer is always – “Less than you might think”.

Today’s podcast is a short snippet of a coaching conversation with a client as we discuss what it takes for change to occur in our lives.

To put in context some of what you’ll hear – we had talked earlier in the call about a metaphor (which I think originally comes from Keith Blevins) where you can consider our thoughts to be like cookies coming out of an oven. Some of them are beautiful, and others are burned and taste awful. We can try to ice the burned ones, put decorations on them to pretty them up or make the effort of trying to push them out of the way and stare at the pretty ones for as long as we can but in truth the nature of thoughts (and ovens) is that there’ll be another one along in a minute. Without you having to do a thing.

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