Episode 22: Anxiety and the Menopause with Tania Elfersy

Many of my female clients put their anxious symptoms and behaviours down to the menopause and this got me curious….can anything other than anxious thinking cause anxiety?

What about hormones? Surely those cause mood swings? Surely the changes in our body and what those represent are scary?

I hooked up with Tania Elfersy, an expert in this area, and asked for her opinion.

What followed was, for me personally, one of the most impactful podcast episodes I’ve yet to record.

Enjoy. And share this with every woman you know.

Please note: Tania and I created a live Q&A on Facebook to complement this audio.  Here is the recording: https://facebook.com/alittlePOM/videos/515102095532099/ 

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Here’s where to go if you’d like to connect with Tania and find out more about the work that she does: http://www.thewiserwoman.com/