Episode 13: Cancer without Fear – with Wendi Saggese

In today’s episode, Wendi shares her story of her diagnosis of stage 4 cancer and how her experience of life has changed since finding this deeper understanding of how life really works that we talk about here at A Little Peace of Mind.

So many of my clients spend their time scared of the ‘what if’s’ around their (or someone elses’) health.

“What if this pain means something?”

“What if I get this checked and I’m really sick?”

“What if my kids get sick?”

“My wife has cancer and there’s no way this can be anything other that an awful, terrifying experience.”

Well, what if the ‘worst’ did happen? What then?

How can someone with a stage 4 diagnosis, knowing they will die, experience peace of mind?

Listen to Wendi’s story.

If it’s possible for her to experience life in the way that she does, there’s hope for all of us, no matter WHAT it looks like you’re up against.

This one’s for everyone who thinks, ‘Yeah, but I’m anxious about something REAL.”

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Wendi’s website for more helpful resources and contact details: http://wakeupyourwisdom.com/