A deeper peace of mind

**For Graduates of the Little Peace of Mind Program**

Hi, it’s Nicola here.

As you’ve completed the Little Peace of Mind Program, I wanted to let you know about the next steps available to you.

How would it be to go from a life that might still seem limited and full of self-doubt to one of calmness, connectedness and lightheartedness?

One where you no longer feel the need to battle with the chattering busy mind and instead re-engage fully with life.

Capable. Creative. Thriving. With a deeper connection to the ones you love.

Like you used to be before. Only better because of this understanding.

You already know that understanding the Principles more deeply is the key to a wonderful life.

That’s why I created A Deeper Peace of Mind.

To help you realise the truth of the Principles more deeply.

So you can find peace, simplicity and grace in your journey through life.

Access to the weekly Monday Q&A calls

Many of you have let me know how much you enjoyed our Monday evening Q&A calls as a way to check in, ask questions and “re-ground” yourselves.

I also know that past Little Peace of Mind graduates are curious to know the answers to the questions that are posted in the Facebook Group and get frustrated when they hear people sharing insights from the calls they’ve missed.

Well now, you don’t have to miss a thing!

In A Deeper Peace of Mind you are invited to drop into as many of these calls as you would like. doing great, and busy with your life? Great, no need to show up. Have something you’d like coaching on or have a question about, show upto that week’s call and ask away.

These calls are run by me or another trained member of my team and you can ask questions here about ANY element of your Little Peace of Mind or Deeper Peace of Mind materials – indeed any area you’d still like coaching on. 

Raw & Uncut

Here you’ll find some recordings of ME being coached by some of the leading teachers in this field.

With the focus not being all about you, sometimes it’s just easier to hear something new. Plus you get to see that we’re all human and we all get caught up – such a relief to find out we’re all the same!

This program is yours as soon as you join as these have proved to be some of the most useful conversations I have ever shared.

How To Stop a Panic Attacks and other stories – with Dr Dicken Bettinger

And then it Came Back….. – with Dr Aaron Turner

What a Busy Mind Sounds Like – with Michael Neill

On the first and third Monday of every month (other than August) at 4pm Eastern/ 9pm UK, you’ll be invited to join Nicola for a Deep Dive call where she will share what she’s seeing more deeply in her own journey and answer your questions on that topic – or any other you’d like to bring.

These calls are deeper in nature- here we explore the profound truths that are behind every human experience and touch that space of profound quiet for ourselves.

Again, bring questions, or simply site quietly and listen.

These will be recorded so don’t worry if you have to miss one – or if your timezone means getting there live is impossible.


A Unique Path

From this point in, we’ll help you create your own path to deepen your understanding of the Principles.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll given one DPoM Credit. Take a look at the courses below – each requires one Credit and as you finish each course, you’ll be given a new Credit to spend on whichever one you’d like to do next.

Most courses take 4-6 weeks to complete. Once unlocked, each course is yours to re-visit whenever you like as long as you’re a member.



A deep dive into what's possible beyond anxiety. A great follow-on from the Little Peace of Mind program.

the library

The Library contains 12 modules, answering some of the most common questions people have in this exploration.

7 day program

A week-long refresher course to take you back to the basics, but in a different way.

The sessions

Two simple masterclasses that answer some of the most common questions people have.

lighthearted parent

In this series of videos and audios, you'll see how to bring out the best in your children and in your role as a parent.

lighthearted kids

I created This series of videos is specifically designed for ages 6-13 to help explain everything you've been learning.

open to wisdom

Dicken Bettinger and I share with you what it means to go deeper and explore being open to wisdom.

falling in love

An exploration of love based around The Relationship Handbook by Dr George Pransky.

keys to enjoyment

Aaron Turner and I explore what's required to fall more deeply in love with life, no matter what.

the missing link

An exploration of life based around The Missing Link by Sydney Banks

the creative life

Barb Patterson and I explore how creative solutions and a new experience are always one thought away

love & understanding

John El-Mokadem and I explore the words of Syd Banks and dive deep into what makes life beautiful.

doing vs being

Rushing from one thing to the next, or find yourself being very zen but getting not much done at all - this course is for you.


Shake all that seriousness and take a fresh look at what it means to live a life full of lightheartedness and laughter - let's explore.

reflections from nature

Nature is a great teacher of the Principles. In this course we'll take a look and what we can learn right under our noses - all laid out to lead us to a greater experience of profound peace and wellbeing. Time to complete: 4 Weeks.

simple parenting

Erika Bugbee and I explore how parenting requires a lot less from us than we might think. Chances are you're making this waaaay more complicated than it needs to be.


What if we took some time to reflect on a simpler way of being in the world? And where our well-being actually lies..

clean up your act

From smoking, drinking or taking drugs, to being addicted to habitual insecure thought - Jason Shiers and I explore why we keep doing the things we say we don't want to.

beyond beliefs

An exploration of the book of the same name by Linda Quiring, one of the first students of Sydney Banks.

let wisdom lead

A spiritual and practical consideration of the role of wisdom in navigating our lives. With Elizabeth Lovius.

why and how: syd banks

If you've ever tried to listen to Syd Banks and wondered what the fuss is all about, Linda explains how to listen to be impacted


When we feel a little beaten up by life, what is it that we have going for us that helps us bounce back? Lila Turner explores.

simplicity & contentment

For a fresh take on mental health and the ever-deepening nature of it, join Dr Mark Howard for these lessons on simplicity and contentment.

love & intuition vs fear

What guides us as we navigate life? There is a beautiful alternative to fear - Dr Linda Sandal Pettit shows us how life can instead be an expression of love and intuition.

unconditional love

Mavis karn shows us exactly how we can all find unconditional love

simplicity & contentment

For a fresh take on mental health and the ever-deepening nature of it, join Dr Mark Howard for these lessons on simplicity and contentment.

love & intuition vs fear

What guides us as we navigate life? There is a beautiful alternative to fear - Dr Linda Sandal Pettit shows us how life can instead be an expression of love and intuition.

when does it start?

As soon as you sign up! You’ll be asked to choose your first course right away you’ll receive your first module to start next Monday.

Registration for this intake of A Deeper Peace of Mind closes on Tuesday at 8pm


You can stay as long as you like! Some of our members have been with us three years, some stay only for a few weeks. It’s totally up to you.

Please be aware that when you cancel, you will lose access to everything inside the online portal.

Super easy! You can cancel yourself with one-click inside your portal any time you choose, or just email me and I’ll do it for you