When you join A Deeper Peace of Mind, we know that every person has their own unique journey through this understanding to navigate.

So rather than me telling you which course to take next inside the members portal, let your own wisdom be your guide.

When you join, you’ll be automatically given a DPoM Credit. You can then navigate to your dashboard here (you have to be logged in) and select the course you’d like to do: https://www.alittlepeaceofmind.io/programs

Simply click on each course and you can watch a preview module where that’s available and see the names of the modules included inside each course along with the amount of time each takes to complete.

Once you’ve chosen, simply ‘buy’ that course with your credit and you’ll get started with the first video on the following Monday.

A couple of hours after you complete that course, you’ll be sent an email letting you know you have a new Credit and to choose your next course.

Your DPoM Credit sits in your account for as long as you’re a member of A Deeper Peace of Mind.

Want to take a couple of weeks off? No problem, just ‘spend’ it when you want to re-engage again.

Each of our Deeper Peace of Mind courses starts at 8am on the Monday after you register for your course. So if you sign up at 3pm on a Sunday, you’ll receive your first module the following morning. If you sign up at 10am on a Monday, you’ll receive your first module the following Monday.

You need to be logged into your portal for it to recognise that you have a DPoM Credit available (if you do). So log into your portal here: http://alittlepeaceofmind.io/

Click on the ‘programs’ tab and you’ll see the list of courses available to you there. Click the one you want and if you have a credit, you’ll be able to register for it.

Once you’ve unlocked that course, you’ll have access to all the materials contained in it for as long as you’re a member of A Deeper Peace of Mind so you can revisit it whenever you like.

The idea is that you build up a library of valuable resources – and after fresh insights, it can be great fun to go back over a course you’ve previously done and see how it all looks different now!

Courses that just keep giving!

Once you’ve chosen a course – that’s the one you’re on until you’ve finished it.

There are two reasons for this:

1. As the DPoM community is ever expanding, we simply don’t have the resources to swap people from course to course. There’s a huge amount of tech and automatations that run in the background so that the program can work in this way and trying to ‘un-do’ them causes us a huge a amount of work!

2. Something made you pick that particular course in the first place. Trust THAT rather than your doubtful second-guessing personal thinking that thinks you might have chosen the wrong one. You haven’t. And when you complete the course, you’ll get to find out why you picked it!

No problem, just email [email protected] and Terri and Sam will be able to help you.